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3 More Ways Carbs Make You Fat

1) Addiction
We all love the feeling we get after eating a sweet and savory treat. Some of us, however, become addicted to simple carbs, especially the sweet kind. You would be surprised how easy it is to walk away from your carb addiction. At first it can tough, but once you find a healthier alternative to treat yourself, whether a hobby or a healthier food, you won’t miss the sweets. You will soon learn that eating healthy makes you feel better. You no longer experience the highs and lows of sugar addiction.

3 More Ways Carbs Make You Fat

2) Beverages

We often count calories and look at labels when we eat but most of us forget about what we drink. Sure juice contains vitamins but it also is full of sugar. The calories we consume from juice, soda and other sugary beverages put a serious dent in our diet. Try increasing your water intake and dropping some of the sweet beverages from your diet. You will be amazed at the results.

3) Timing

Whether you are eating simple or complex carbs, timing is everything. Drinking a glass of juice in the morning is not the same as drinking one before going to sleep. In the morning you have the whole day to utilize the energy whereas at night your body is going into rest mode and those carbs will turn to fat. Stop eating carbs by mid-afternoon and you will see a significant decrease in body weight. Fill your dinner with healthy fats and proteins and drink lots of water.

Carbohydrates are not always unhealthy but if you eat too much of the wrong carbs at the wrong time of day you will gain weight. Couple this will no exercise and it is no wonder how many Americans are facing diabetes. Eat carbs early in the day and before and after workouts. The rest of your diet should be full of healthy fats and proteins.

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