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The 7 Methods for Treating Early-Stage Prostrate Cancer

If you have been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer, it can be a worrying time. But the good news is that you have a large variety of treatment options at your disposal. The method most suitable for you depends on various factors, like your overall health, your age, your risk group, and even your values. Here are the seven main methods for treating prostate cancer:

The 7 Methods For Treating Early-stage Prostrate Cancer

1) Surgery. This is usually the prevalent option for men who are generally in good health and have early-stage prostate cancer. There are three different types of surgery for treating prostate cancer – laparoscopic surgery, open prostatectomy, perineal prostatectomy.

2) Hormone Therapy. This is a treatment that will prevent your body from producing testosterone, since this hormone helps cancer cells grow. Stopping the hormone supply may cause the cells to grow slower or die altogether. This is a good option before having to move on to radiation therapy (if at all), since hormone therapy can be quite successful in shrinking tumors.

3) Radiation Therapy. This one uses radiation in high doses in order to destroy the cancer. This is the best treatment option for men who are older and who have some overall health problems. The different types of radiation therapy include external beam radiation and internal beam radiation (with Brachytherapy being the main kind).

4) Chemotherapy. Here drugs are used to kill cells that are rapidly growing, including cancer cells, or course. It is possible to administer chemotherapy in the form of a pill or intr