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Yucky Stuff in Processed Foods We Eat Every Day

While the Food and Drug Administration may guard against any additive or substance that may be harmful to us, there are a number of things that are in our every day foods that you may just find totally disgusting.

Yucky Stuff in Processed Foods

Gelatin is used as an agent to thicken substances and is a collagen found in animal skin. Carbon monoxide is used in the preservation of meat and certain fish. Shellac on our candies is derived from a female insect. Injected saltwater in meat (mainly chicken) adds weight as well as a flavor enhancement and is often listed as a percentage of ‘solution’ or ‘broth’. Viruses of a particular type are deliberately sprayed on prepackaged meats to help kill other bacteria. Ammonia gas is used in certain meats and fish to kill bacteria. Pink slime is all of the meat biproducts, melted away and turned into a slurry. These are typically used in a lot of fast food restaurants as a filler for their hamburgers.


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