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What is the Common Cold’s Contagious Period?

One of the most common cold myths revolves around the length of the common cold contagious period. Many people are unsure of the exact amount of time one is still contagious when they are inflicted with the common cold and there are a multitude of answers out there for the issue. Some people say a few weeks; some say a day or two, just adding to the already confusing common cold myths out there. Well this myth is about to be put to rest!

Common Cold Contagious Period

Scientists, themselves aren’t exactly certain when the common cold contagious period is but they have stated that it is a that a person is more contagious when their symptoms are the worst. This means that those with a cold are more likely to spread the virus to others from the first to the fourth day of their cold duration. It is important to remember that the common cold virus is not as contagious as that of the flu or other viruses. Although one is most contagious during day 1 through day 4 it is still important to remember that those with the cold are capable of transmitting the virus during the whole duration of the cold, which is typically a two week period.

Trade in your common cold myths for common cold facts and learn the truth about the common cold contagious period, stay away from those who have just begun to exhibit symptoms of a cold to ensure that you will not contract the cold yourself!

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