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What are the top ways to prevent getting a cold?

Most people will experience a few colds in a year, so it is understandable that most of us want to know the top ways to prevent colds. There are a few ways to attempt to prevent common cold although nothing is guaranteed and even while taking the best one it is still possible to contract a cold here and there.

Top Ways To Prevent Colds

The first thing you can do in avoidance of the common cold contagious period is to eat right. Eating a healthy diet ensures that you are getting a good amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and all these work in favor of boosting the immune system which will help to prevent common cold.

In addition to eating right it’s important to maintain a regular level of physical activity. It is recommended to get at lease 30-60 minutes of a day to prevent the contraction of many common viruses including the common cold.

One of the most effective top ways to prevent colds is to wash your hands frequently, because washing hands prevents the spread of infectious agents. In addition to washing hands often it is important to disinfect surfaces that are handled often such as door knobs, light switches and counter tops. On top of disinfecting and washing hands one should always remember to keep hands away from certain areas of the face such as the nose, eyes and mouth as bacteria and other infectious agents can enter through these mucous membranes.

There are also herbs and supplements such as Airborne that can be taken to boost the immune system. These supplements typically contain a mixture of vitamins, herbs and minerals that together can supposedly reduce the number of colds contracted in a year.

The only way to avoid the common cold contagious period is to avoid contraction of the common cold in the first place and by utilizing these top ways to prevent colds tips.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.