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What are the Stages of the Common Cold?

Everyone has experienced the dreaded symptom of an oncoming cold. Whether you start feeling it just before bedtime, or wake up in the morning, you know what it is and you just wish it would go away. While fall is a lovely time of the year, it’s usually the same time that the onset of cold and flu season occurs. The drier weather is the perfect growth environment for the cold virus and we just have to prepare for it. There are a number of approaches that humans have taken over the centuries to help to fight off the cold. But what are the stages of the common cold?

What Are The Stages Of The Common Cold

There are over two hundred viruses that can cause the common cold. While as a technology driven society we can accomplish so many things, the mutation of these viruses make the common cold a major problem that we just can’t overcome. Cold viruses are usually spread in hand to hand contact, where someone has either blown their nose or touched the nasal area and then touched you or an object. The cold virus can live on objects for up to two hours, so if you touched that computer keyboard, telephone, book, pen or doorknob, you can become infected. Since the air is drier, the cold virus can exist in the air after someone has sneezed, and breathing the infected molecules in can also cause the infection.

The symptoms of a cold usually begin two to three days after infection. Everyone is a bit different in how they experience the first symptoms, but they can include: scratchy throat, swelling of one or both areas within the throat, headache, mucus buildup in the sinus area, cough, difficulty breathing, sneezing. After the first symptoms begin to occur, it’s usually a fast track to the major symptoms. What might have begun as a bit of sneezing and nasal congestion will quickly speed to a full blown cold. Increased respiratory congestion and a fever as well as general overall body aches are usually the sign that the cold virus has set into the body.

The duration of a standard cold is approximately one to two weeks, from start to finish. However, if the patient is an infant or child and the fever is over one hundred degrees, this is an absolute danger zone and immediate assistance should be sought. An older child or adult with a temperature over one hundred and two should also have immediate medical attention. High temperatures can lead to dehydration and other physical problems that are dangerous.

Treatment of the cold symptoms depends upon the age and physical condition of the patient. You should never give infants and children aspirin, due to the possibility of Reyes Syndrome; or honey. You should always consult with you physician or pediatrician before either giving a child or as an older patient, taking over the counter medication. Many of these products can have interactions, allergic reactions or can be detrimental to people with various medical disorders.

Homeopathic approaches have been more popular, as our society looks to less medication and more natural alternatives. Homeopathic and alternative medicines address the question of what are the stages of the common cold with a whole body answer. One of the more successful products has been Reme-Flu. A two step approach that begins when the first cold symptoms occur. It is a combination or organic and inorganic products that stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Reme-Flu is a proprietary blend with a second step formula that accelerates the cellular absorption for a faster relief of symptoms.

Always consult with your primary physician before adding any medicines, over the counter products or homeopathic products to your regiment.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Mylie Says:
    Is this reme-flu a good product? Has anyone tried it? I like the fact that it is natural, but who knows if its really worth spending money on such things when there is even more natural things such as garlic and honey hot drinks!