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What are the most visible stomach flu symptoms in infants?

When your child catches the flu and symptoms start to manifest it can be scary, especially for new parents. Seeing your child or children vomiting or running a high fever is not something any parent wants to witness. There are many visible stomach flu symptoms in infants that can occur. Below is a short list of the most visible stomach flu symptoms in infants.

Stomach Flu Symptoms In Infants

1.High fever
Similar to the stomach flu symptoms in adults, a high fever can occur in infants as well. In adults, a high fever is considered 101 degrees, but in infants, a fever of up to 103 or 105 degrees is often common during a bout with the flu. Normally, the fever will spike in the evening and at bedtime.

2.Chills and shakes
Stomach flu symptoms in infants often include the chills and shakes. Oftentimes you will see your child shivering due to the fever. The best thing to do is cover them up and monitor the fever, and if necessary, administer a fever reducer.

Similar to the stomach flu symptoms in children, lethargy is a common flu-like symptom in infants. When your otherwise active stops eating and becomes lethargic watch for other symptoms of the flu that could manifest. Stomach flu symptoms in children are very similar.

Stomach flu symptoms in infants can include vomiting. This can be one of the scariest symptoms for new parents to see, but is part the course when it comes to the flu. If it is flu season and your child experiences vomiting, it is time to watch for other tell-tale signs of the stomach flu. Stomach flu symptoms in adults are similar to that of children.

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