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What are the most visible stomach flu symptoms in children?

There are several visible signs of the stomach flu. Most stomach flu symptoms in adults are similar to that of adults and infants. For parents of children and infants it can be scary when your child is sick. Below are the most visible stomach flu symptoms in children to watch for when the flu season hits.

Stomach Flu Symptoms In Children

1. Chills
and children include chills and sweats mostly caused by a fever.

2. Fever
A high fever is just one of the common stomach flu symptoms in children. For children, the fever may spike to 103 degrees and sometimes a little higher. If the fever lasts for days, the child should be seen by a doctor.

3. Vomiting
Stomach flu symptoms in infants and children include vomiting. This can be troublesome for the young child when it is something they have never experienced before. Careful monitoring is necessary to eliminate dehydration.

4. Diarrhea

Similar to the stomach flu symptoms in adults, children experience diarrhea with the flu. For the most part, diarrhea in children is watery and runny. Careful monitoring is necessary to ensure the child does not experience dehydration. Sucking on ice chips can prove helpful.

5. Sore throat
Most children experience a sore throat at one time or another. Stomach flu symptoms in children also manifest with a sore throat. Most of the time the throat pain is due in part by the drainage of the nose, but strep throat or viruses can cause the pain as well.

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