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Weight Loss Surgery Options vs. Losing Weight Naturally

  • With weight loss surgeries abounding and a surgical weight loss center on seemingly every corner there are many ways to losing weight that did not exist even 15 years ago
  • Whether you’re interested in laparoscopic weight loss surgery, gastro bypass surgery, or bariatric weight loss surgery there are several surgical procedures for weight loss, even hysterectomy weight loss
  • No longer is losing weight naturally the only option for weight loss. There are several pros and cons between weight loss surgery options and losing weight naturally
  • Below we break down weight loss surgery options vs. losing weight naturally to see what may be the best fit for you

The vast majority of medical experts will tell you that losing weight naturally is the much safer than the variety of weight loss surgery options. One of the cons in having surgeries such as laparoscopic weight loss surgery, bariatric weight loss surgery or any of the other there is always a mortality rate. The University of Washington completed a ground breaking study that showed the real rate of death among the weight loss surgery options is approximately 1 in 50. The mortality rate commonly given to patients is 1 in 300, but that rate was only reflective among the rates of the very best surgeons in the country. The study found that practitioners with fewer than 20 surgeries had a significantly higher mortality rate. The mortality rate was measured as patients who died within 20 days of having the surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

Whether you are having gastro bypass surgery, laparoscopic weight loss surgery, bariatric weight loss surgery, hysterectomy weight loss surgery or any other of the surgical procedures for weight loss it is critical to know how much experience the physician has. Going to a reputable surgical weight loss center with experienced staff should be a main safety concern among researching patients.

With all of the doom and gloom stories about weight loss surgery options you hear in the media there are far more success stories of people who had positive experiences and have gone on to live productive happy lives. For some people who are severely obese gastro bypass surgery is the only alternative to losing weight. Losing weight naturally is not realistic and most would suffer from defeat and eventually die and early death. Weight loss surgeries give these people hope that they can overcome their obesity and gain back their lives. With proper patient education and aftercare the success rate is high with little side effects and not long term health problems.

For people considering weight loss surgeries it is always best to attempt losing weight naturally before considering weight loss surgery options. Surgery should not be seen as a quick fix onetime event. It is really the first step in overcoming obesity and the beginning of a life long battle. For those patients who do not educate themselves about healthy eating and exercise they often experience short lasting results and post-surgery complications.

Before considering weight loss surgery check with a knowlegable physician. Another good tip is to speak to patients who have had the surgery you are considering to learn about their experiences. Surgeries such as gastro bypass surgery can be covered by insurance in certain cases.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

2 Responses to “Weight Loss Surgery Options vs. Losing Weight Naturally”

  1. 1
    AudreyJ Says:
    I think that i will take my chances on the natural . i don't want to increase my chances of dying.
  2. 2
    Kelsey Says:
    Losing a large amount of weight, no matter the method, is certainly a very daunting task. I commend whoever loses tons of weight, whether or not they had surgery. I don't believe that WLS is the easy way out.