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3 More Habits Keeping You Fat

4) Eating Too Few Meals
Yes that is right. Eating too few meals in a day can cause you to gain weight. Just as breakfast is a catalyst for your metabolism, you need to eat frequent small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. Think of it like a fire. If you slowly add small amounts of wood frequently the fire will burn strong and long. If you add no wood the fire slowly dies. You body is the same way. You cannot eat a couple meals a day and expect to lose weight, even if those meals are healthy.


Whether it is all natural juice or Coca-Cola, drinking beverages loaded with sugar will not help you lose weight. It is worse yet to drink these beverages right before bed since the simple sugars will convert to fat. Try switching out some of the sugary beverages for water. We spend our time focused on the foods we eat and less on what we drink. You will be amazed how much weight you will lose by simply switching out beverages.

6) No Portion Control

Even if you are eating healthy, too much of anything can prevent you from losing weight. Part of the problem is plate size. When you use a large plate there is an urge to fill it up. Once you do that portion control is essentially out the window. Eating smaller portions more frequently is the best recipe for weight loss success!

Follow these tips, eat well and exercise and you will start seeing serious changes in your physique.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.