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Vitamin C and the Common Cold: How to Fight the Sickness and Win?

Every year we wonder if science and medicine will ever figure out how to eliminate the common cold. Of course, understanding that the common cold is not really so common is the first trick. Colds are cause by a very smart virus called the rhinovirus. These little things have survived over the millennia by mutating and changing to any new environment. Every year, the cold and flu season hits with a new virus and last years cure just won’t this year. Vitamin C has been linked as part of the arsenal to combat the common cold, but how do we really fight the sickness and win?

Vitamin C And The Common Cold

The level of Vitamin C and the common cold are definitely linked in the body. Low levels of both Vitamin C and zinc are associated with a lowered immune system. The immune system can be lowered due to a poor lifestyle, bad heating habits and even stress. Standard levels of Vitamin C can assist in keeping the immune system at a regular rate, but there are no studies that show increasing levels of Vitamin C and the common cold deterrent.

Physicians, Nutritionists and Practitioners all agree on one thing: to help to fight the sickness and win is a multiple approach. Healthy lifestyle is a main ingredient. This means avoidance of extremes: drinking alcohol, smoking, lack of sleep. Healthy eating habits through fresh fruits and vegetables along with a low fat diet. Plenty of fresh air and exercise is another key to a healthy immune system.

It is recommended that your intake of Vitamin C as well as zinc be from fresh sources as opposed to supplements. However, even frozen foods and juices can offer better results. If you absolutely must take supplements, confer with your physician, as the daily recommendations are based on age, gender, and specific lifestyle circumstances. Vitamin C and the common cold have a history of connections, but scientific evidence indicates that they are interrelated based on keeping a healthy immune system.

Another major area of concern in winning the battle against the common cold is hand washing. Since the cold viruses can live on inanimate objects for up to two hours, washing hands and commonly used objects can assist in keeping transmission of the colds down.

Many people are researching and returning to a more homeopathic approach to wellness. Homeopathic products have been used with success throughout the centuries and look to the whole body. Homeopathic products are governed by the FDA under the US Homeopathic Pharmacipeia. Reme-Flu is one of the products that offers a gentle combination or organic and inorganic substances that gently stimulate the body’s natural ability for healing. The main goal of Reme-Flu is to eliminate the main cause of the body to take on a cold or flu and build up the immunity process of the body. The two step process works with the body and also offers a proprietary blend that helps increased cellular absorption. The process shortens the cold or flu cycle and helps with milder symptoms. This product assists in eliminating toxins from the body. Toxins have been related to lowered immunity.

Always confer with your primary medical provider before adding anything to your daily regiment.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Rob Says:
    Is it really worth me taking vitamin C supplements in winter to boost my immune system. I'm aware that this is pretty basic and there are much better things that I could be doing. Any ideas?