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Top 5 Bone Builders to Ward off Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis has become a health concern for both men and women. More and more men are being diagnosed with osteoporosis and this has resulted in major health problems. As we age, we may not continue to include enough of the essential nutrients to maintain bone density. Unless you get a bone density scan, you won’t be aware of the situation until a fracture or break occurs. There are some bone builders that you can keep in your diet to help maintain good bone health.

bone builders

Vitamin D and calcium are the two most important bone builders. Many adults start to remove these from their diet as they get older and this leads to osteoporosis. It may not be well known, but your muscles use both of these essential nutrients. If the body can’t get enough from the diet, they take them from your bones. stimulates muscles and bone growth and allows vitamin D and calcium to be absorbed into the body system. Getting enough exercise is absolutely important to help in keeping strength in the bones.

Vitamin K acts as a bone building protein and is considered one of the top most important in warding off osteoporosis. Along with vitamin K is magnesium. This acts as a bone builder and works with the other vitamins in a kind of partner relationship. Too little of any of the key elements will not allow the others to perform properly.

Lowered bone density can be an inherited situation. If you have this trait in your family, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about getting a bone density scan. It takes about ten minutes, and it will rate the actual density percentage of your bone level.

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