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Top 5: Best Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids

1. Horse Chestnut

Natural Cure For Hemorrhoids

One natural cure for hemorrhoids is horse chestnut, and this herb can be made into a tea or taken in a capsule form. This herb increases circulation and flow to the affected veins, and it has been used for decades and longer to prevent inflammation and any swelling. Caution should be used in some individuals though.

2. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is one of the most common and effective home remedies for hemorrhoid relief, and this astringent works very rapidly. Swelling is reduced and eliminated, and the itching and burning will go away almost instantly. Witch hazel can be considered the best natural cure for hemorrhoids around by some.

3. Fiber

Fiber can provide natural hemorrhoid relief, but this substance must be used together with plenty of water for maximum benefits. Fiber will help make your bowel movements softer, more frequent, and easier, with increased bulk in your stools. A high fiber diet helps prevent straining or excessive pushing, and can help prevent hemorrhoids.

4. Butchers Broom

Butchers Broom is a natural herbal remedy which is also a natural cure for hemorrhoids. This herb provides natural hemorrhoid relief by increasing your blood circulation, and this may keep your veins healthier and in better shape. This can also help heal any hemorrhoids already present, and may cause them to shrink.

5. Bioflavanoids

Bioflavanoids can be used in home remedies for hemorrhoid relief. These plant compounds help to minimize or eliminate swelling and irritation, and can cause shrinkage of the affected blood vessels by strengthening the vessel walls and circulatory system in general.

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