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All Laser Lasik: What Is It?

  • All laser lasik provides an option for those patients who want to undergo lasik refractive surgery
  • A patient undergoing lasik experiences a wide array of benefits after their
  • Lasik eye surgery prices can fluctuate, and all laser lasik provides a cost effective approach to lasik surgery
  • The common question most patients have is the following: Is lasik safe? The following article will answer that question and more

All laser lasik is a custom lasik eye surgery that is also known as IntraLasik surgery. All laser lasik is nearly identical to the traditional laser vision correction surgery except that the corneal flap on the eye is created with a special laser called a microkeratome, rather than the standard and mechanical microkeratome metal blade. Yes, the only difference between lasik surgery and all laser lasik or IntraLasik is how the corneal flap is made. The choice between the two surgery options really depends on the patient’s cornea thickness. If the cornea is exceptionally thin a patient can be disqualified as a candidate of lasik surgery. This is where all laser lasik steps in.

All Laser Lasik

Lasik eye surgery centers are introducing this new technique due to its advantages. All laser lasik is highly predictable and offers a solid answer to the question, is lasik safe? Yes, all laser lasik offers a safe means of laser vision correction surgery. Various other advantages with all laser lasik is that it decreases the risk of eye infections, increases the likelihood of 20/20 vision, and reduces the chances of needing touch-up surgeries that are common in laser vision correction surgery. With lasik eye surgery prices at the rates they are, it is important to get the best value for your money and all laser lasik provides this benefit.

All laser lasik provides an option for those patients who want lasik refractive surgery. A patient who undergoes lasik experiences the risk of dry eyes and annoying symptoms that accompany this outcome. All laser lasik patients have reported a reduction in dry eyes and the risk of dry eyes. This is a great advantage to having this type of surgery and decreases the odds of needing those annoying eye moisturizing drops later on down the road.

Other advantages to all laser lasik are that a thicker edged flap is created in the eye that is less inclined to tear. This is an added benefit to the already recommended custom lasik eye surgery. The flap that is created can also be custom-made to fit the patient’s individual eye. Lasik eye surgery center doctors are aware that every eye is unique and the corneal flaps must tailor fit the eye to provide the great advantages that laser vision correction surgery offers.

Patients who are interested in this type of laser vision correction surgery should visit lasik eye surgery centers in their area. Consultations with experienced lasik surgeons helps to keep your decisions informed and educated when choosing lasik surgery. All lasik surgeons are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the country as lasik surgeons are becoming more educated and research based in order to provide adequate care for their patients.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.