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Lasik Astigmatism: Going the Surgery Route

If you suffer from astigmatism, then chances are good that you are a perfect candidate for Lasik astigmatism. Anyone who has had the laser correction surgery can tell you that the benefits indeed are many. Astigmatism correction is easily done through laser vision correction surgery and the procedure corrects the vision, whereas glasses or contacts only treat the symptoms of astigmatism.

Astigmatism may occur on its own or in correlation with either myopic or hyperopia. The condition causes vision impairment either from far away or close up. Lasik astigmatism allows vision to be corrected by lessening the angle or curve of the cornea, making the cornea increase its overall shape. The surgery results in the individual being able to see and having more normal, clearer vision than before the procedure.

Astigmatism is mostly an inherited condition, but can also be caused by an injury or accident to the eye itself. It may also occur from an ocular disease that has occurred in an individual, and it is usually corrected through the use of corrective lenses, however nowadays, many individuals are opting for the more permanent Lasik solution for correcting their astigmatism.

Lasik astigmatism corrects the individual’s vision on a permanent basis and permits the individual to see as a person would who does not have any vision problems. You will no longer have to keep an account of aggravating glasses or contacts. If you are considering this procedure, your doctor will discuss with you whether he or she thinks that the surgery would be ideal for you.

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