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Top 10 Natural Scar Treatment Methods – Updated Article With Extra Information

1) Cucumber. To use cucumber as a natural scar treatment, you need to make paste out of it. Then put it on the scar and keep it there all night. Do this for a few nights, and you should notice the scar beginning to smooth out.

2) Rosehip Seed Oil. This oil is used in various cosmetics and has actually demonstrated great results, especially with scars resulting from acne. To use this natural scar treatment, you will need to massage the rosehip seed oil into the skin twice a day for 15 minutes.

3) Indian Gooseberry. This natural scar is also known as amalaki. Not only does it help with smoothing scars out, but it may prevent them from forming in the future.

4) Lemon Juice. This is an excellent home scar treatment method that can be found in any regular kitchen. Lemon juice acts like a natural bleach, so it is quite effective in treating scars. However, do not overuse it, because the citric acid contained in lemon juice may actually cause damage to your skin from prolonged use.

5) Vitamin C. This vitamin helps mainly with blood clotting, which is necessary for healing scars. Try to find this natural scar treatment in cream form, which works best. Eating vitamin C-rich foods is also beneficial.

6) Tea Tree Oil. You can try rubbing tea tree oil right onto the scar and repeat this several times per day. Some people claim that your scars may disappear within a couple of days!

7) Honey. This is another great home scar treatment method. You should smear the honey onto the scar and keep it there overnight. For the scar to fully heal, repeat this frequently.

8) Green Tea. All you need to do here is dab a cotton swab into green tea, and then massage your scar with it.

9) Garlic. This is another easy home scar treatment method, which is mainly preventative. You just need to cut a clove of garlic in half, then use it to rub onto the pimples to prevent future scarring.

10) Olive Oil. Massage your scar with olive oil several times a day, and it is said that it should vanish within a few days.

It is also important to know what doesn’t work. Some sources claim that mederma (which is a kind of onion extract) works like a miracle to remove scars. This has never, in fact, been proven by scientific studies, and it has not shown any solid results as a natural scar treatment method. Another thing that many sources claim to work is Vitamin E. Some sources will tell you to take a Vitamin E capsule and smear it on the scar. The truth is, however, that at best it will not work, but at worst it may actually cause dermatitis in some people!

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