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Surgical Scar Removal

Scar Removal

  • Surgical procedures can help with the removal of facial scars, acne scars and resistant scars
  • Surgical scar removal can include burn scar treatment and laser scar treatment

Surgical procedures are a part of many medical treatments both for certain severe conditions as well as non-severe such as cosmetic enhancements. Surgery is definitely an essential healing process for complicated disorders based on proper diagnosis. Regardless of the type of surgery or the related disease, scarring over the surgical region becomes evident in most cases.

Scars are quite natural and are part of the process of wound healing. Wounds are caused due to scrapes and cuts on the outer most skin epidermis layer. These wounds can leave scars behind which may appear ugly and patchy especially if proper care is not taken for treatment. These scars are very tough in nature and may be quite difficult to eliminate. Scars caused by certain injuries might actually get worse as time goes on. Certain injuries need to be treated with surgeries. The severity of scars forming from surgeries can be dictated by the type and proficiency of the suturing techniques. Post surgical care is essential for minimizing scar formation.

Wound treatment is likely to be followed by a scar, but there are certain techniques to avoid these surgical scars as well. Some medications can help heal the wounds of a surgery and the resultant scars as well. The two most typical topical medications used are either onion extract, or silicone. Neither is 100% efficient, and surgeons generally rely on the silicone products even thought many scars don’t respond well to this treatment.

Proper care and avoidance of scars is important for two reasons. First, abnormal scarring can cause discomfort or pain. Second, any level of scarring can be unsightly and cause an individual to become self-conscious.

Cosmetic surgery and laser treatments have been known as the best possible methods of reducing every scar type including keloids, acne scars, surgical scars, injury scars, hypertronic scars, contractures and others. Absolute removal of scars is not something that medical practitioners can provide, but it is definitely possible to reduce scars. Two methods of surgical scar removal have been identified:

• Pulse-Dye Laser
• Imiquimod, an IRM (Immune Response Modifier).

Pulse-Dye Laser, as the name suggests, is a laser treatment for scar removal, and this is done with the use of a high-energy yellow light. This light effect helps in reducing the redness of the scars and also flattens certain scar types like hypertrophic and keloids. This method is also helpful in improving the burning and itching sensations caused by different scars.

IRMs are very helpful in enhancing the ability of the skin to recognize, control or even destroy typical viral infections occurring in our skin by triggering the production of cytokines in our skin. Cytokines are the natural proteins occurring in our body and is used by the immune system for communication. When cytokines are stimulated by the IRMs, the immunity of these cells are enhanced and that allows the body to control or eradicate the cells which have been infected by viruses. When immune system response is improved, scarring tends to be diminished.

Surgical scars can also be reduced by certain scar reducing creams, gels and sheets stores. Some other effective treatment for reducing surgical scars also include scar reducing creams, healing creams, vitamin based scar gels, homoeopathic scar gels, ointments, silicone sheets and also hydrogel or water-based sheets. These cannot be called the ultimate scar healing techniques, but these are definitely very helpful in minimizing the scars and making it less visible.

In case of having fresh scars after the surgery, the laser thermal action can be of great help. This not only helps in minimizing the appearance of the scar but also improves the process of healing the wound.

Surgical scars can also be effectively reduced with the help of plastic surgery. The treatment can be very expensive but it does produce good results. Plastic surgery helps in reducing the size and thickness of the scar. After this one can also get laser treatment done to enhance the effects of plastic surgery.

There are certain precautionary steps that can be taken in order to promote proper wound healing. Let us have a look:

Quit smoking if you do so. Nicotine contents of the cigarettes can prove fatal for the wound. It is better to avoid such products as it might delay the wound healing process and result in complications.

Cleaning the wounds. It is very important to keep the wounded area clean and it should be well shielded from the sun’s rays. Any bacteria can cause infection and the sun’s rays can worsen the wounds and leave thick and dark scars.

Use proper wound healing methods. You can use silicon tapes to prevent your wound from any viral infection. It also helps in reducing wound tension.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

7 Responses to “Surgical Scar Removal”

  1. 1
    Kevin -scar treatment blog Says:
    I have scars all around my body mostly at my chest since I was in teenagers.. and it was keloid & very big... :( but after Im using the treatment that suggested in the scar secret guide, it become invisible & flatten a bit within a month..
  2. 2
    stewart Says:
    I have scars on both my face and head from going though a car windoor when I was 7 years old back in 1979 as I needed a lot of stiches as it was realy bad and even now I am still conses of them and it has a bad evect on going out any ware what sort of treatment could help me get rid of them? and there is also a aprt of my fore head that the couler is darker then the rest of me
  3. 3
    john tran Says:
    hi! i undergone operation when i was 6 and it left a huge scar on my stomach. im turning 18 this yr. im embarassed to show it to people and im desperate to remove it so i can show off my body.. can you please help me this.. and im wondering how much would it cost me.. thank you..
  4. 4
    veronica lopez Says:
    i have a scar on one of my leg ...i would like to know if it can remove by surgical and how much will be the surgical cost?thank you
  5. 5
    maria anziani Says:
    I have a scar sice i was a littli child on one of my leg. it is about five inches long and two inches wide. It really make me ashemed and I do not like to wear shot clouthing. I would like to know if it can be remove by a sergury and how much will the sergury cost. Thank you.
  6. 6
    Alizeh Says:
    I really did not thing that surgery could remove scars, that they could just cause them. This is kind of strange but thanks for the info!
  7. 7
    shae Says:
    hello, When I was born, I was born with club feet, no body in my moms family or dads family had ever had something like that.. but my sister who was born 2 yrs before me had club feet as well, but mine were worst. In 1994, I had both of my surgeries .. the surgeries left really bad looking places in my feet and legs. I know now they fix club feet w/ a small surgery that u can live with. But I really need to know if you can help me, and if yes, How much would the whole surgery cost? thank you