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Top 10 Natural Causes of Skin Pigmentation

Causes of Skin Pigmentation

  • Skin can be caused by many natural things
  • Avoiding sun bathing can reduce the amount of pigmentation
  • A healthy diet can improve your skin

There are many causes of skin pigmentation. Sometimes they are simply age spots, the result of the natural aging process. Sometimes pigmentation is caused by sun tanning or spending too much time outside and reaping the consequences of the high UV index. Whatever the case, by knowing the top 10 natural causes of skin pigmentation, you can know what to look for and what to avoid.

#1 Albinism

When someone suffers from albinism – i.e., he or she is an albino – they most certain have a pigmentation problem. This problem, however, is inherited. The condition is characterized by pale skin, pale hair, and pale eyes. The problem here is that sufferers do not even have skin pigmentation.

#2 Vitilgo

This problem – well, most of us are familiar with it, whether we think we are or not. It is associated with a certain well known individual who is thought to be the monarch of the pop music industry. Anyhow, it can cause what are known as hypopigmentation spots.

#3 Sunbathing

Sun tanning is probably the most common natural cause of skin pigmentation. The high UV index is part of the reason why. These days, it is easy to get a sunburn on a cool, windy day. Actually, the worst burns happen then. Too many sunburns, and age spots will be the least of your worries. Remember: while this is one of the most common causes of skin pigmentation, it is also one the most easily prevented.

#4 Poor Nutrition

Believe it or not, eating the wrong foods can also cause pigmentation problems. It can occur when you are undernourished or malnourished, or when you simply have a very poor diet.

#5 Lichen Simplex Chronicus

Pigmentation problems are caused when people have lichen simplex chronicus, although the tendency is considered psychologically. Because of it, people suffering from this problem tend to scratch compulsively.

#6 Melasma

Melasma is one of the least well known causes of skin pigmentation. It seems to be related to the activity of female hormones, thus often occurs during pregnancy and when a woman take birth control. Certain ovary and thyroid dysfunctions may cause melasma as well.

#7 Jaundice

Although not typically considered, jaundice does meet the definition of a pigmentation problem. It occurs when there is too much bile building up in your blood and your body’s tissues.

#8 Pregnancy

Sometimes, during a woman’s pregnancy, she might start to notice brown spots appearing on her face. This is typically the fault of the way her hormones are fluctuating because of being pregnant.

#9 Menopause

Like pregnancy, menopause can cause pigmentation problems because of the way the hormones fluctuate. Women who have to have their ovaries and/or uterus removed will likely suffer from more severe pigmentation.

#10 Illness

Illnesses like pneumonia and other health problems which affect the amount of oxygen getting to the bloodstream can cause a certain type of pigmentation. Rather than dark spots, this cause manifests in purple or blue patches of skin.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

2 Responses to “Top 10 Natural Causes of Skin Pigmentation”

  1. 1
    kobie neverov Says:
    hi i was just wondering i have had lichen simplex chronicus and although not all of it of cause went i had fallen pregnant and had my baby last year in 2009 he has been diagnosed deaf and i was wondering could it cause that even the herpie species? please can you get back to me its urgent
  2. 2
    zaara Says:
    i have recently had ipl done on my face about 3 times,my skin is tan in colour and and i now see more pigmentation than before even spots have come out were i never had im so depressed about how much money i spent on treatment and the outcome is so dissapointing,wat to do?please advise