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In a Nutshell: Progesterone Side Effects

Many women today take progesterone to replace hormones as they age and to cause the menstrual cycle to become regular again if it stops. Women also use progesterone during early pregnancy if they are at high risk to miscarry because this hormone will help the pregnancy along without the loss of the embryo or fetus. There are some progesterone side effects that should be considered when taking this hormone, however, and this is true no matter what form the hormone is taken.

Progesterone Side Effects

Progesterone cream side effects are very similar to the progesterone suppositories side effects, or the hormone pill progesterone side effects. Women who use these products may experience headaches that can range from mild to severe. Breast tenderness may be noticed as well.

Another of the common progesterone side effects can be diarrhea, and this may be constant or sporadic. Vaginal discharge can also be bothersome when taking this hormone supplement. Urination difficulty may also be noticed. These side effects are usually temporary and will go away, but if they do not, a visit to the doctor may be required. Some serious progesterone side effects should be reported to the doctor immediately because they can be serious or even life threatening. These can include dizziness, chest pain, blurred vision, tingling or numbness in the extremities, or a sudden difficulty in breathing. Other serious problems that may be rare and need to be reported are vaginal bleeding, uncontrollable shaking, lumps in breast tissue, or severe migraine headaches.

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One Response to “In a Nutshell: Progesterone Side Effects”

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    Lance Chambers Says:
    I am thinking of using progesterone cream because I thought it is safer since it is only applied to the skin and absorbed by the body but now that it was found out that they also have side effects, I guess I'll just try to manage my hormone imbalance the natural way. I exercise daily, take essential vitamins and only eat high fiber foods but I still experience some symptoms of hormone imbalance and the more I think about it, the worst it gets. Is there any other safer alternative to hormone therapy?