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Teenage Acne vs. Adult Acne

When it comes to types acne has a number of them, and each type may have a different solution. Treatment for teenage acne will differ from treatment for adult acne, because the cause it not the same. Teenage acne is usually caused by a number of factors, and a big one is the hormones involved. During the teen years your body is flooded with hormones, and this is not the case once you become an adult. Teenagers usually sweat more, and have higher amounts of body oils as well. This makes acne a big problem during the teen years for many individuals, and treating these types acne can be challenging. Kids in adolescence are prone to breakouts, but the problem can get a lot more serious than just the occasional pimple or blackhead.

Teenage acne can be very severe, and if you or your child suffers from this problem there are medications and creams that can help. Treatment for adult acne and teenage acne start the same, with clean skin that is irritation free. Make sure to wash your face at least two or three times a day, and if your skin is oily you may need to do this more often. Breakouts start with body oils, dead skin cells, and dirt, so keeping your skin clean will help prevent and minimize this problem. Use gentle cleaners and soaps, and do not scrub hard or roughly. Stay away from products which have harsh chemicals, and avoid using whenever possible. If your acne becomes severe you may need to see a dermatologist for stronger treatments.

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One Response to “Teenage Acne vs. Adult Acne”

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    Josh Says:
    What if you still keep getting acne and don't grow out of it? I'm already in my 20s and my acne has improved little since my teenage years. Does this mean I'm just gonna have acne for the rest of my life now?