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Cystic Acne Treatment

Cystic acne treatment can be harder to achieve, because this skin condition goes deep underneath the skin. There are treatments that can work, but you may need to see a dermatologist and get a prescription or have an in office procedure to completely treat and eliminate cystic acne. One acne remedy is using creams which include benzoyl peroxide or other topical creams, and an antibiotic cream may be prescribed to clear up any bacterial infection which may be present. The cysts under the skin must be dealt with as well though, and one acne remedy in this case is called acne surgery. The cyst is ruptured using sterile equipment, and the area is cleaned out and flushed. Steps are taken to prevent the problematic cyst from spreading or coming back.

Another acne remedy for cystic acne is using systemic medications. These can include birth control pills for who have this condition, and powerful prescription medications like Accutane and others. These medicines are taken orally normally, and they can be very strong. Cystic acne treatment may require a doctor. You can pop your pimples at home, but this can lead to scarring and may cause other breakouts to occur. Cystic acne treatment involves determining exactly what is causing your acne, and then treating the underlying causes. Keep your skin clean and oil free, and avoid harsh chemicals or scrubbing, which will inflame your skin even more. The first treatment you try may not always work, so you may need to try a few before you get results.

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One Response to “Cystic Acne Treatment”

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    NungaBInsZ Says:
    One word, Accutane. Cystic Acne is genetic, it runs in family's and defies treatment. Don't waste time, time + cystic acne = SCARS, FOREVER... My dermatologist cried like a baby because he could not get me on the FDA trials list when it was in trials. The DAY the FDA approved I was on it, and it worked. I have scars, and there is no getting "rid of" a scar. Don't believe all the hype about Accutane causing depression, it's a bunch of BS, I was a hell of a lot sadder to see the same cyst and celebrate it's birthday(s). Having cystic acne is depressing, treating it CURES the depression... get it?