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Role of Amino Acid Complex in Protein Metabolism

  • Amino acids are part of hormones that affect your metabolism.
  • Amino acids are responsible for creating the protein your body needs.
  • Amino acids play an important role in your metabolism, but many people do not understand what these compounds do or how they aid in metabolic processes.

    Amino acids are organic compounds consisting of oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen. Sometimes sulfur is also included, which creates bonds that appear in characteristic formations.

    Amino acids are essential to life. Without these compounds, your body could not function or repair itself and you would die.

    Proteins are the basic building units for all life and are made up of amino acid strings. Twenty different amino acids are needed to create the protein your body needs. Your body itself only makes 12 of these. The remaining eight come from the food you eat. If you do not eat a diet containing the necessary amino acids, or if your body has amino acids that are not working properly, perhaps by not following the proper sequence (malfunctioning), you may suffer medical consequences; the most notable of which is sickle cell anemia.

    Amino acids create molecular chains called polymers. If there are 50 or more of these molecules, a specific protein type is formed that is needed by your body to build tissue, like muscle. Amino acids can create chains that include up to 3,000 units.

    Hormones, created by your body to regulate metabolism and every other bodily function and process, contain amino acids. Without amino acids there would be no insulin to regulate your blood sugar. This would lead to a severe imbalance and possibly death. The human growth hormone is made by your body for growth and building tissue. If amino acids did not play their part in this hormone, there would be no growth at all or repairs made to your body. Death would most likely result from this as well.

    Adrenaline is another hormone that affects your metabolism. Without the proper amino acids present, your body would not be able to manufacture the adrenaline needed to control blood pressure and regulate energy, as well as provide that energetic burst when you are faced with a fight or flight situation that calls for this hormone.

    Amino acids are responsible for making proteins in your body. Your diet supplies many amino acids and proteins, but not all proteins are complete. A protein is considered complete if it has all of the amino acids needed for your body to grow and repair itself. Gelatin is a rarity, because it is a protein source from an animal but the protein is not complete. All other animal sources of protein are usually considered complete. Without amino acids, your metabolism would not function.

    One part of your metabolism is called anabolism. This is the part that is responsible for building new tissue needed for growth and repairing any tissue damage to your body. Without amino acids these processes cannot occur. Your body would simply wear out, and children would not be able to grow.

    Without proteins, which are essential for making muscles and other tissues, you would not be able to move, run, or do any exercise at all. Your body would shut down. Amino acids are required to build protein. Without these molecules, your body could not function properly or maintain tissues needed for life.

    The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.