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Pregnancy and the Flu – advice that every expectant mother should read.

Pregnancy can often weaken the immune system, which makes it easier for women to catch a cold or flu. During pregnancy, flu symptoms can last longer and be more severe than for the average person. Most expecting mothers are worried about taking flu medicines at risk of harming the baby, so pregnancy and the flu can form a nasty combination.

Pregnancy And The Flu

There are many things that pregnant women can do to help themselves feel better without having to revert to over-the-counter flu medications. For example, as a preventative measure, taking a daily dose of 1000mg of vitamin C has shown to improve the immune system. Evidence from further research suggests that during pregnancy the woman’s demand for zinc goes up. Pregnant women require a daily dose of about 20 mg of zinc.

Pregnancy and flu medications don’t mix, research suggests, especially when it comes to decongestants. Such medications cause drowsiness, and, as they are known to pass through the placental barrier directly, their effects could pass on to the unborn child as well. Various healthcare professionals advise women who are pregnant to treat symptoms like nasal congestion with simpler measures. An example of one such measure is steam inhalation, since it opens up nasal passages and allows the build-up of mucous to drain. Inhaling steam may help some pressure as well, which will relieve the nasal discomfort.

What you drink during pregnancy and the flu is no less important. Water, clear soups, and dilute juices are all good choices. Herbal teas are beneficial as well, especially peppermint and ginger. They are warming, soothing, and increase sweating, which releases the toxins through your skin. Another great option is freshly squeezed juice, because it contains more enzymes, minerals, and vitamins than concentrate.

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    Alice Says:
    I got the flu recently, and I with everything else, kept things as natural as possible as I am pregnant. I know some other pregnant mothers to be who just took all the standard medications though. How harmful for the baby is this?