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How can I build up my immunity to the cold and flu season?

We have become a society focused on being aware of the flu. The last few years have brought serious concerns about pandemics around the world. It is the nature of viruses to mutate and survive in their environment and so we must try to use every tool in our tool box to ward off these more severe strains during the cold and flu season. Everyone hears a lot about building up the body’s immunity to fight colds and the flu, but what are some of the ways of accomplishing this?

Nutrition experts all agree that building the immunity system will reduce the risk factor of getting the colds or flu. The key is to accomplish this before the cold and flu season is upon you. Building up the immunity is a combination effort: healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. Healthy lifestyle includes lots of sleep, fluids and non-risk oriented such as too much alcohol. Healthy diet should include real foods, not just relying on vitamins or supplements. Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. While we are supposed to get five servings per day, the average person does not even come close to this recommendation. A healthy diet also includes grains, nuts, low fat dairy, lean meat and fish. Getting enough protein is a high priority because protein assists with amino acids that help keep a healthy immune system stable. Deficiencies of both iron and zinc can lower the immune system. The natural resources in fresh food items will assist in maintaining a good immune system. Fresh vs. cooked is always a good choice, because both light and heat affect the vitamin and mineral content of the foods.

While studies show that a healthy immune system will assist in combating a cold or flu, there are no studies that show an excess of any vitamins or minerals will keep the cold or flu away. Typically, what the body doesn’t need or use is flushed out through urine. It well known that high stress levels or an infection in the body can lower certain vitamins and minerals that keep your immune system in check.

While fresh fruits, meats, nuts and vegetables are the first line of defense for a healthy immune system, some people are adding homeopathic products to assist in the body’s defenses. Homeopathic is centuries old, adding both organic and inorganic materials to the body to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities. One of the homeopathic products that have seen a good level of success is Reme-Flu. It is a unique two part product that work’s in the whole body concept. The first step is to gently introduce a formula that helps the body to fight off the general cold or flu symptoms. The second portion is a proprietary formula that increases the cell ability for absorption. Unlike over the counter medicines, there are no known side affects or interactions.

Always consult with your primary physician before adding any new medicine, over the counter, natural or homeopathic product to your regiment.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Bradley Says:
    The article suggests that reme-flu is a good over-the-counter medicine. I am wondering if anyone has had any experience using this formula, or one like it. Is it worth the money, or should I just concentrate on diet and exercise?