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Methods to Increase Blood Circulation- Updated Article With Additional Information

The blood’s function in the body is to deliver oxygen and necessary nutrients to different parts of the body. When the blood does not reach all the necessary parts, it can cause some serious health problems. This is called poor blood circulation. At best, poor blood circulation will mean that you may occasionally feel numbness and a tingling sensation in your feet and hands. At worst, however, you may be at risk of a stroke and heart attack, because when the arteries are too blocked up, the oxygen in the blood may not be able to reach certain vital organs. In some severe cases this may lead to death.

Poor blood circulation has various causes, but the most common are peripheral artery and diabetes. The former is usually characterized as plaque build-up in the artery walls, which does not allow blood to flow freely. This disorder is also referred to as atherosclerosis. If diabetes is not kept under control, it can also make your arteries inflexible and hard in texture, which means that it will be a lot more difficult for blood to flow through them. In the long run this may lead to some serious problems.

Of course, this will make you wonder how to increase blood circulation. The main changes to make are in your diet and lifestyle. The first basic ones are to not smoke, and to get enough exercise, which will train your body to use blood more efficiently. That way, even with the decreased flow of blood, your body should manage if the problem is not too severe. Diet is also very important if you want to increase blood circulation. There are many herbs you can ingest to help with this problem. Some examples include hawthorn, lavender, and rosemary. Calendula is another great herb you can take to increase blood circulation.

You can also try Turnera, Damiana, or Afrodisiaca. They are mostly famous for their mood-elevating qualities. But they also do a great job at increasing blood circulation. The resulting increase in blood circulation helps direct hormone production, and fights menstrual problems, sexual disinterest, and depression. For some simpler home remedies on how to increase blood circulation, you can turn to simple onion, which can also help you relax the muscles. Garlic, Ginger, and Cayenne are also great ways to increase blood circulation. They help with the absorption of excess cholesterol in the blood, which prevents atherosclerosis that causes poor blood circulation. Moreover, you can try infusing red wine with rosemary flowers or leaves to get that blood moving.

Some actions you can take to increase blood circulation are hydrotherapy and massage. The first includes taking contrast showers, switching between the hot and cold water. The second should be applied to your hands and legs. This calms your joints and muscles, which, in turn, increases blood circulation.

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13 Responses to “Methods to Increase Blood Circulation- Updated Article With Additional Information”

  1. 1
    tourist Says:
    I think I have problems with circulaton because my hands and feet have been going numb for sometime now. Recently I took a flight and fainted on the plane after becoming dizzy and sweaty! I need a remedy because I am afraid to fly home! I think this is a serious problem and I dont know what to do.
  2. 2
    anil bandge Says:
    I have less blood in my lower part of body as speciley in my leg & in foot, some time i stand more then above 2 hrs it start paining. & please abvice me how to increase the WBC in body?
  3. 3
    jas Says:
    wht kind exercise can i do pls suggestion to me for increase blood .
  4. 4
    jas Says:
    how can increase blood our body, wht i eat pls suggestion to me. bcoz i feel nervous ,, so pls guide to me
  5. 5
    Mark Says:
    Kiran, Hyperhydrosis is the condition you are talking about. I have it mildly under my arms. There is a product in the drugstore called Drysol - it is behind the counter here in Canada. You are not suppose to use it all the time (only for a week at a time i think) I use it for weddings and other important events where i dont want to sweat. It actually worked for a long peroid of time for me (months) and i only used it for one week. I dont think it is a permanent solution but it worked for me. I hope this helps a little.
  6. 6
    Dry Brushing Says:
    Sherry, Thanks for that great tip on reducing shower temperature. I'm going to start trying that immediately. Especially in the summertime that should feel much better. -Eric
  7. 7
    Sherry Says:
    hot showers are known to slow down circulation and make you feel groggy. Every morning, before going to work or school, start showering with warm water and gradually decrease the temperature such that you bathe in cold water towards the end of it. This increases your blood circulation, and you will notice that you feel less cold when you get out of shower and more energetic physically and mentally. Plus, take multivitamins that have iron, zinc and potassium in the morning. Drink juices and eat at least 5 different veggies or fruits a day. While at night, have green tea with lemon and then a spoon of pure honey before going to bed.
  8. 8
    Kiran Says:
    I never checked with a doctor of my condition but i figured from somewhere that its called Hyperhydrosis. I dont even know if its the right condition. So, for the last 2 winters, i have cold feet(mostly the toe region), they sweat and become watery and feel as if in water for a long time. My feet become so cold that i cant sit/stand at one place and have to walk or run around to stop that sensation. It is really painful. However, this SUMMER , my palms also feel alike(not all the time though). I have, as mentioned in the above article, memory, concentration, low eye sight, low stamina issues. I exercise, eat properly, walk, take hot showers everyday and still. Please suggest me food/exercise/supplements/procedures to get back to normal. I cant afford to go to a doctor or start therapies with my current financial condition. Please help
  9. 9
    Rachel Says:
    I think the responder meant "plaque" not "plague"
  10. 10
    chrystal Says:
    Diet is everything.. My husband & I started a Health Ministry because of all the needs out there. The website is managed by us. Please check it out.. Also, if you wish to subscribe to our monthly health talk newsletter let me know (this month was on Diabetes). Good luck, and remember to pray!
  11. 11
    ravindra Says:
    Hai, Better Do Exercises on Early Morning's Time(i.e 5.00 Am to 6.00 Am).Increase your counting at Different Sessions. It v'l be Good Result For u and Keep Smile
  12. 12
    Lita Says:
    Marie, I recently read an article about your condition.. It talks about a very useful antibiotic therapy and some more info...Marie, I have other illnesses that there is no cure for, but have managed it even though I am always tired I recommend walking at a steady normal pace starting with 15 min a day (if u are not used to walking) to 30 min a day and then from there walk as long as you feel a day. Take a nice shower afterward and always have a prayerful mind. I am not a fanatic...but I have learned that the biggest comfort I get is from keeping a prayerful mind..& eat healthy..whole grains, lots of dark green vegies and carrots, sweet potatoes...I hope I have helped at least a little bit. xoxo, Lita
  13. 13
    Karaaki Marie Says:
    I have a poor blood circulation. I suffer from scheroderma, my skin is hard and my fingers become numb. I suffer from headaches all the time and my digestion is poor. I am poor at exercises because am always tired, but will start exercising after reading the above information. I need to be advised further on what kind of foods to take and generally how to handle my health. Thank you. Marie