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If my immune system is down will it affect my acne?

Poor immune system effect on acne is tremendous. Immune system helps us keep all of our systems working in top notch condition and ward off viruses, infections and illnesses. If your immune system is weakened by stress, various medications, lack of sleep or poor diet and no exercise, it will definitely worsen your skin acne condition. Acne is caused by overactive function of sebaceous glands, high levels of male hormone androgen in the bloodstream, and propionibacterium acnes, bacteria that lives on our skin and can aggravate your acne symptoms. All the conventional dermatological treatments are just targeting the symptoms of acne, like skin inflammation, redness and else, completely ignoring the root cause of it all. The overuse of anti-acne antibiotic medications, creams, gels will only fix the problem in the short run but will not help you eliminate it completely. In addition, the will adversely affect your immune system in general and acne in particular.

Immune System Effect On Acne

First and most important aspect of your immune system effect on acne is your diet, some experts tend to disagree, but eating certain foods like processed grains, sugars, yeast will cause your insulin levels to skyrocket, triggering an excessive production of male hormone androgen, a known factor in pore-clogging substance production. By eliminating refined starches and sugar-laden foods, our insulin levels remain stable and help us resolve acne problem at the beginning without the use of harsh and detrimental treatments.

Another important factor in our immune system effect on acne is to manage our emotions and remove stress to stay healthy, as it can be a huge contributor to acne aggravation. It’s very important to find the right method for you to cope with stress like positive attitude, yoga, meditation, prayer, getting enough sleep.

In addition, one should definitely look into dental health and immune system correlation, as bacteria in our mouth can leak toxins into the bloodstream, aggravating acne situation.

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