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How to Recognize an Eye Disorder Early: Glaucoma Symptoms

Worried that you may be suffering from glaucoma eye disease? Here’s a basic rundown of glaucoma symptoms to keep an eye out for—if you notice any of these warning signs, please discuss them with your ophthalmologist or optometrist immediately. Also, if you’re over 70, have diabetes, or have a family history of open-angle glaucoma, your doctor may want you tested as a precaution.

Glaucoma Symptoms

There are two types of adult-onset glaucoma. With open-angle glaucoma, you often lose side vision before central vision, and this may be the only symptom you notice before it becomes serious, because the unaffected eye compensates for the loss of vision.

Closed-angle glaucoma symptoms may be only mild, such as short periods of blurred vision, or more severe. Longer episodes of blurred vision, pain in and around the eye, colored halos around lights, red eyes, nausea and vomiting may all show up as symptoms of closed-angle glaucoma.

Congenital (present at birth) or infantile (developing in the first few years) glaucoma symptoms may show up as squinting, eye-rubbing, or other signs of light sensitivity in your child. His or her eyes may be watery, cloudy, or look larger than normal or the child may keep their eyes closed more than usual.

Glaucoma medications are usually in the form of eyedrops. Be sure to follow your doctor’s prescribed schedule for the drops for maximum effectiveness. Other options for some include laser treatment or surgery; ask your doctor if these would be effective choices for you.

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    Linda Says:
    I was told by the eye specialist that I have large pits in the back of my eyes and that the cups are large. He says I don't have glaucome though. He thinks I was born with the large pits. A side vision test will be done 11/18.