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How to Cure the Common Cold?

Every year we stand a chance of getting one of the over 250 rhinoviruses. Since viruses mutate, the number increases exponentially. It seems that the approach to how to cure the common cold gets more deeply steeped in mystery as the scientific search continues. While the symptoms of the common cold are only serious in the very young and old, it continues to plague society and is actually quite costly in yearly illnesses.

How To Cure The Common Cold

There are some things that you can do to try to eliminate the possibility of getting a cold. You can keep away from social areas during cold and flu outbreaks. Require that all fellow employees remain at home. In essence, try to isolate yourself from the outbreak. This is not always a realistic option for most of us, as we do have to go out into society and cannot lock ourselves up for three to four months of the year.

There are many medications and over the counter products now available to help reduce the symptoms of colds. Unfortunately, many of us have lost faith in both the pharmaceutical companies and the manufacturers as we have seen their interest in increasing their bottom line dollars outweigh the safety of their products. There has been a resurgence in seeking more natural approaches which also includes homeopathic alternatives.

Some of the natural approaches for eliminating the symptoms of the common cold are things that Grandma told us. The intake of additional Vitamin C and. adding raw garlic to your will help to fight the cold. Garlic is known as a natural antibiotic and reduces cholesterol. Since bacteria and viruses thrive in dry environments, make sure that you have a good level of moisture in the air. It also reduces respiratory congestion. Check with your physician regarding the best type of humidifier. Saline solutions in a nasal spray form will help to reduce inflammation of the mucus membranes. The always popular recommendation of lots of fluids will help to flush the body and keep mucus from building up. Lots of rest allows your body to have the time to heal itself. Believe it or not, chicken soup has been studied by scientists and found to be an anti-inflammatory and speeds up the movement of mucus in the membranes.

Additional natural ingredients that have experienced renewed interest include Echinacea. When taken at first sign or symptom is reduces the problems associated with a cold as well as the duration of the cold. Zinc has long been proclaimed a natural alternative for elimination of the common cold. The study results are questionable as they seem to end in a fifty percent draw.

When seeking to eliminate a cold or investigating how to cure the common cold, the most successful approach is catching it when the symptoms first appear. One of the best products on the market, with the highest level of success is Reme Flu. The combination of homeopathic ingredients and the two part approach offers the body to use its own resources for natural healing. The proprietary formula also includes fast cellular absorption. It does not contain any harmful ingredients and there are no side effects to cause harm.

Always consult with your primary physician before making any dietary changes or adding any medications to your regiment.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Natasha Says:
    I think that Echinacea is a good product to use against the cold. It works for me and my family at least. (As well as an overdose of raw and cooked garlic.) Do you know of any other good products to use against the cold? Something natural, of-course.