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I’m suffering from the common cold. What are the most effective remedies?

There are many used to help alleviate the symptoms associated with the common cold. However, along with these there are many common cold myths that state certain things work more than others.

Common Cold Remedies

One of the most popular common cold myths is the use of vitamin C to prevent cold and to cure the common cold. The truth is that vitamin C is good for treatment of the symptoms associated with the common cold and for that reason can be considered one of the good common cold remedies for when a cold is actually acquired. Though science does not show that vitamin C prevents colds as many common cold myths state.

Many people also believe that common cold remedies, such as lemon tea with honey and saline nasal sprays are only helpful during the common cold contagious period, which is believed to be anywhere from a few days before symptoms appear to as long as a week. However, this isn’t true, as long as you are experiencing symptoms, common cold remedies will be effective regardless of the common cold contagious period. It is one of the known common cold facts that vitamin C is important in the treatment of the symptoms associated with the cold.

Hot tea with honey is a good common cold remedy for the alleviation of sore and scratchy throats. In addition to this, warm salt water gargles are also effective. Salt is known to retard the growth of bacteria so frequent gargling with salt water can help to reduce the growth of bacteria in the throat. One of the known common cold facts is that using over the counter medications helps to alleviate symptoms of the common cold.

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