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How Does Laser Liposuction Work?

Liposuction is the removal of unnecessary lumps and bumps caused by too much fat in different areas of the body using cannulas, or suction tubes that are inserted into small incisions in the skin. These suction tubes are either connected to a medical grade vacuum device or to a syringe to suction out the fat deposits. How does laser liposuction work? The liposuction doctor applies low-level laser energy waves directed on the part of the body that needs treatment. The waves access the skin and weaken the membrane of the fat cells, allowing the fat to start pouring out of the cells. After a cannula has been inserted into the incision, it sucks out the fat from the appointed area, but without a more significant incision, like in conventional liposuction. This low-level energy laser can then be reset for the best pain management relief. During the final procedure of laser liposuction, the laser can then be reset again to an anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory mode, dramatically reducing discomfort associated post-operatively. Subsequently, the may return for further sessions of pain management.

Laser liposuction procedures are most commonly done on women in the abdomen, hips, and thigh areas. For men, the most common areas for laser liposuction are on the abdomen (love-handles), enlarged breasts, neck and arms. You can also use laser liposuction to remove the sweat glands from the armpit areas, reducing perspiration without any danger of interfering with the body’s natural process of cooling itself. Not only does laser liposuction greatly reduce swelling and bruising compared to conventional tumescent and ultrasonic-assisted liposuction, but it requires less of a recovery period compared to the two. Most patients will not need postoperative prescribed pain medication. Laser liposuction is usually done under local anesthetic.

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