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Worst cosmetic surgery: Scary list

The thought of going in for surgery sends shivers down my spine. So I am continually perplexed by the decision of thousands to undergo cosmetic surgery. We have become a nation and a world of those in constant search of eternal youth and beauty. In most cases, you see the celebrities and absolutely have no doubt that they had cosmetic surgery. In days gone by, people hid these little tidbits of closet news. In today’s society they flaunt it as part of their rite of passage. Well, we know that most cosmetic surgeries happen without a hitch. But what are the worst cosmetic surgery stories? When you see these people, all you can ask is what-were-their-surgeons-thinking?

Worst Cosmetic Surgery

A socialite named Jocelyn Wildenstein has spent $4 million dollars on cosmetic surgeries. Originally it was to try to bring her cheating husband back, but the surgeries became progressively worse with such terrible results that she is the female poster child for botched cosmetic surgery. Her face is hideous and I seriously doubt it did anything to get that hubby back.

Melanie Griffith was the lovely actress with the soft whisper voice. She was one of Hollywood’s darlings, appearing in many popular films. I guess the desire to keep that image got the best of her. Cosmetic surgery gone wrong, Melanie looks ten years older than her true age.

The Vivaca Fox breast implants have become the toast of the fan world. One of her breasts shows an obvious deep cave in. She doesn’t seem to have a problem with it because she is often seen with low cut dresses.

Apprently Vivaca and Janet Jackson have the same surgeon? Maybe they are creating a new trend by having a boob dent.

Donatella Versace should have left well enough alone. The facelift and lip enhancements make her appearance more horselike. I don’t think anyone has had the guts to tell her.

Victoria Beckham has been the fashionista of the world. Everywhere she goes people watch and imitate everything about her. That is, until she got breast implants. The quote stated that they look like a couple of soccer balls plastered on her chest.

When the news media start doing specials on your cosmetic surgery, you have to take the hint that it just doesn’t look right. And so it is Hillary Duff and those huge veneers. Her teeth look way too big for her petite face.

Tori Spelling is never one to keep the media away from her for an instant. She also decided to get breast implants. These things are so huge, I wonder if the momentum of going down a set of stairs knocks her over.

When Kenny Rogers walks on the stage to perform, everyone looks around to see when Kenny Rogers will come out. The facelift that changed who he was is now famous. This guy looks like a stretched version of an older mannequin.

Of course, no topic of the worst cosmetic surgery could be done without mentioning Michael Jackson. Everyone knew and now he’s gone. You would hope that some people would have learned by example.

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One Response to “Worst cosmetic surgery: Scary list”

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    Kiki Says:
    The worst cosmetic surgery is on me! I had a boob job and I regret it now. They just don't look the right shape! Its not the doctor did it wrong, its just that I realized that for my slender frame, boob job boobs are not right. Anyone else made this mistake?!!