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How can I avoid getting the stomach bug?

There are several ways to avoid getting that awful stomach bug that seems to get to so many people during the gastric flu season. Catching a stomach virus is painful and most often brings your life to a dramatic halt. Unlike other cases of the flu where you can still go to and continue day-to-day activities, the stomach bug often renders its victims powerless and leaves them stuck in the house close to a bathroom. Here are a few ways to avoid getting the stomach bug.

Stomach Bug

1. Wash your hands

All those hand washing signs posted in just about every public bathroom are for good reason. Germs get transferred by hands but can be washed away with several good hand washings throughout the day. If you’re not around a sink very often, carry hand sanitizer on your person or in the car so you can “wash” on the go.

2. Eat right

A healthy body is a body less likely to catch the gastric flu. When you eat right, your body gets the proper nutrients and vitamins it needs to keep the immune system running strong. Supplementing with a little extra vitamin C and a good multi-vitamin is always a good thing to incorporate as well.

3. Avoid areas of infection
This doesn’t mean remaining locked in your house for fear of catching a stomach virus, but if you can avoid super busy places where outbreaks occur, then your chances of catching something will be reduced greatly.

4. Keep hydrated
A dehydrated body is one that is wide open to catching the stomach bug. Water keeps the immune system running at top form and without it, body systems become weak and slow down.

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