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Five Reasons to Drink Tea in the Winter

Tea is a great beverage to drink anytime of the year, but during the winter, almost everyone craves some form of this warm and soothing beverage … and for good reason. Below are five reasons you should remember to brew a cup of tea a day, especially in the winter!

1) Hot tea warms you from the inside out. A cup of a plain green or will warm you up, but add some cinnamon, ginger, or other wintery spices, and it will heat your whole body even quicker!

2) It will boost your energy. Tea has a more subtle amount of caffeine than a cup of coffee, but since it is a mild stimulant, it will help get your blood pumping. Brewing a cup will help perk you up to get through the remainder of a rough winter day. I would recommend a green, oolong, or black tea.

3) Tea is full of antioxidants. When you aren’t feeling well, or are at least starting to feel the coldness of the season wearing on your body, brew a cup of tea. The antioxidants in the tea leaves with help boost your immune system and fight off any on-coming colds or illnesses.

4) It is an instant “feel better” brew. Since tea is warming and full of antioxidants, it is an instant relief to a sore throat. Drinking a cup will help soothe your throat aswell as any sinus congestion and will also kill any bacteria in your mouth that contributes to oncoming illnesses. Tea with peppermint leaves mixed in is also a good way to immediately clear your chest of congestion.

5) Drinking a cup before bedtime will help relax you after a long winter day. Coming home and brewing a cup of white or herbal tea will help relax your muscles and get you ready for bed. Adding chamomile will ease any muscle or joint aches, and blending in some hibiscus helps by giving you a big boost of vitamin C.
I recommend drinking tea anytime and all the time, but I find that in the winter, it can be extremely helpful and often the best solution to any ailment. What are your favorite tea blends to drink during the winter? Try adding some spice or mint to your hot tea this season and maybe you will find something new that you didn’t even know you enjoyed.
Do You Tea has some great warming and seasonal blends to get you through these winter months. Ginger Thaw is a blend of white tea leaves, lemongrass, and ginger—a blend that is perfect when you want to warm up and even helps aid with digestion after a meal. This and more available at www.doyoutea.com.

Kelley Scruby is the owner of Do You Tea? in Hoboken, New Jersey. As the owner of a small, loose leaf tea business, Kelley is passionate about educating her customers on the benefits that come from drinking loose leaf tea. With a background at a major tea company, she was able to become an expert on the versatility of the beverage and is inspired in her own creations by the changing of the seasons and also desserts. Kelley created Do You Tea? with the confidence that she can help find a tea blend that works for any of her customers’ lifestyle and palate. As Do You Tea? continues to grow, Kelley hosts events and tastings that add a more interactive approach to the expansive world of loose leaf teas. Do You Tea? hopes to have a truck out on the streets of the NYC metro area soon! You are able to purchase her seasonal blends and gift sets online at www.doyoutea.com and follow her on instagram and twitter @doyoutea for updates on tastings and new blends. Please email requests and questions to doyoutea@gmail.com.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.