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Different Types of Viral Infections and Ways of Their Transmission

Viral Infections

  • There are many different types of viral infections
  • The causes of viral infections are viruses
  • Viral infections can be mild or deadly, and anywhere in between these two points
  • Since you can’t always make sure that people do their part in avoiding spreading viruses, you can be sure to gird up your immune system to combat anything that comes your way. Check out products like Echinacea/Goldenseal w/Org. Alcohol, Ester C 500mg and Sambucus Immune Support/AF to give your immune system the boost it needs.

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One Response to “Different Types of Viral Infections and Ways of Their Transmission”

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    Bobby Says:
    Since viral infections have been on everyone's mind recently with the H1N1 outbreak, I think it's a good time for everyone to be more aware of what they do in their daily lives as it pertains to spreading germs. We should all try to be careful when we are carrying a virus so that we don't infect others, but with the more dangerous strains that seem to be showing up these days we all need to be extra careful.