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Coxsackievirus Infection or Why Washing Hands Is So Important

  • Normally a coxsackievirus infection may you to experience some symtoms similar to the flu, but this infection will usually go away without any treatment at all.This viral infection is very common in children and in people who work in day cares and around children.
  • There is something that can be done to stop the transmission of this virus though, and that is frequent proper hand washing, especially after using the restroom.
  • Since you can’t always make sure that people do their part in avoiding spreading viruses, you can be sure to gird up your immune system to combat anything that comes your way. Check out products like Echinacea/Goldenseal w/Org. Alcohol, Ester C 500mg and Sambucus Immune Support/AF to give your immune system the boost it needs.
    Coxsackievirus Infection

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One Response to “Coxsackievirus Infection or Why Washing Hands Is So Important”

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    June Says:
    I carry a large bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer wherever I go with my three little ones. Sometimes you just cannot get them to the bathroom to wash their hands right away and having them at least use this until I can get their hands washed at least helps stave off problems.