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Difference between HPV Virus Vaccine for Young Men and Vaccine for Young Women

An HPV virus vaccine for young men known as Gardasil was approved by the FDA. Males ages 9-26 are among the population who should get the HPV vaccine. Gardasil can be used by both men and women while its competition Cervarix is for women only. Human papillomavirus is the most widespread of all sexually transmitted diseases and infects up to 50% of men who are sexually active as well as 80% of women before they reach the age of 50.

Hpv Virus Vaccine For Young Men

Now that both women and men are getting vaccinated the likelihood of a drop in HPV is much more of a reality than before. As far as who should get the HPV vaccine and when has been up for debate. Opponents say that recommending an STD vaccine for boys and girls as young as 9 encourage sex at an early age. The Gardasil have also caused a controversy. There have been a reported 32 deaths related to the HPV vaccine for young men and women as well as many cases involving serious side effects as blood clots and seizures.

The main difference between the HPV virus vaccine for young men and women is that the vaccine targets genital warts in men and cervical cancer in women. It should also be noted that the vaccine Gardasil can also protect men from anal, penile and esophageal cancer.

Gardasil protects against 4 strains of HPV compared to Cervarixs’ 2. It would make sense that Gardasil would be the vaccine of choice but the serious side effects of the HPV vaccine Gardasil have made room for the competition. Until different vaccines are made the HPV virus vaccine for young men remains Gardasil.

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