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Clogged Arteries: Steps to Clear Them from Plaque – Updated Article With New Information

Clogs form on artery walls and may take years to form. Clogged arteries contain plaque, which is caused by excessive cholesterol and free radical damage in the arteries. Clogged arteries may be the result of any of the following factors: smoking, hypertension, hydrogenated and saturated fats, carbon monoxide, as well as mineral and vitamin deficiencies. The more the build-up of plaque on the artery walls, the harder the arteries become.

To clear clogged arteries, exposure to free radicals must be reduced or eliminated. Adding antioxidants to your diet should do the trick to help break the clogs. Antioxidants can be added in the form of supplements or just via foods that contain them. Clogs take years to form, so it might take you some time to repair the damage and clear clogged arteries. Your nutritional formula will need to be balanced carefully so that you can dissolve the clogs, while feeding the necessary nutrients to the arteries and surrounding tissues. Important vitamins to include in your diet are Niacin, A, B1, B6, C, E, D, Pantothenic acid, Inositol, Choline, Calcium, Iodine, Potassium, Magnesium, Chromium, Selenium, Manganese, and folic acid.

Researchers have also found that pomegranate juice prevents the arteries from hardening, as well as reversing the progression of disease. In the study that was conducted, the effects of pomegranate juice were tested on human cell samples taken from blood vessel lining. The cells were then subjected to severe physical stresses, the kind that may occur when one’s blood pressure is too high. Those cells, which were treated with pomegranate juice, showed evidence of having significantly less damage from the stress. Additional studies done on mice demonstrated that pomegranate juice slowed down artery hardening significantly.

Some immediate actions you can take to clear clogged arteries as soon as possible include:

  • Quit smoking ASAP! Those who smoke are more likely to suffer from a heart attack caused by clogged arteries.
  • Follow a strict diet to decrease your blood pressure
  • Try to lose weight and exercise regularly. 20 minutes of vigorous exercise or 30 minutes of moderate activity at the very least once every 3 days (preferably more) will keep the heart working better and blood flowing more freely
  • If you have diabetes, control those blood sugar levels
  • Decrease your levels of LDL cholesterol through a diet or special medications to lower your chances of getting heart disease
  • Avoid fatty foods in order to cut down on triglycerides
  • Lower homocysteine levels by adding appropriate vitamins and minerals to your diet
  • To nurture those unhealthy arteries, eat foods that are rich in protein and fiber.

This includes fruits and vegetables. Saturated fat and sugary foods must be avoided at all costs. Useful foods include apples, grapefruit, beans, tomatoes, spinach, garlic, and salmon. If you fry your food, use olive oil, which is known for not sticking to artery walls.
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    darryl Ross Says:
    Very interesting articles.I wonder if apple cider vinegar and grape juice would lower plaque?
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    frank Says:
    will the garlic and lemon cure angina
  3. 3
    frank Says:
    will the garlic and lemon cure algina
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    Mary Says:
    Dear Ms. Van Halen, I accidentally discovered your site in trying to get some information regarding clogged arteries for a friend. I must confess the contents of your site are priceless!!! Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing. God bless you mydear.
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    john Says:
    I stopped smoking when my doctor told me I had clogged arteries. I have always watched my diet and exercised, but smoking was the one habit I kept. I've been smoke free for seven years now and it has made an improvement on how my body is working and how my arteries are fairing.