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Blueberries superfood – new study on blueberries is set to further boost their popularity

Currently in the U.S. obesity is almost an epidemic. This makes about 25 percent of the population susceptible to metabolic syndrome. Leading a sedentary lifestyle, obesity in the waist and the abdominal areas, excessive calorie intake, and even genetic factors have been shown to act as catalysts in the development. Thus, in order to treat, as well as prevent metabolic syndrome, weightloss, exercise, and a healthy low-sugar/low-carb and low-fat diet are absolutely crucial. A new clinical research study has shown that consuming the superfood blueberries is able to help decrease the metabolic syndrome adverse health risks.

Blueberries Superfood - New Study On Blueberries And Is To Further Boost Their Popularity

48 adults participated in this study, and it can be found in The Journal of Nutrition – the current issue. 4 males and 44 females who had metabolic syndrome were put in two groups. The first group, which was labelled “the experimental group,” was given 50 grams of freeze-dried blueberries in a beverage form to consume every day for 8 weeks. This amount is the same as consuming 350 grams of fresh blueberries a day. The second group, which was labelled “the control group,” was given a “placebo” beverage to consume for 8 weeks as well. The beverage did not contain any of the blueberry superfoods. After 4 weeks, and then 8 weeks, multiple blood tests and blood pressure checks were performed on the participants.

When they compared the two different groups, they found that the “blueberry group” patients had a more significant decrease in their levels of blood pressure than those in “the control group”. Another thing that decreased significantly in the “blueberry group” were oxidized LDL cholesterol levels in the blood that are responsible for damaging artery lining in different places in the body, which is referred to as atherosclerosis. On the other hand, they did not find any significant differences in the triglyceride levels, blood glucose levels (sugar), or the HDL levels (the “good” cholesterol) between the two different groups of patients.

So, even though the superfood bluberries did not help improve all the abnormalities of metabolic syndrome, it was found that consuming an amount equal to 350 grams per day did make a significant difference in the two main metabolic syndrome adverse health factors, which are blood oxidized LDL cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Because of the exciting discovery this research study has made, patients who have adverse health factors that could lead to metabolic syndrome will probably consider incorporating some blueberry superfoods into their diets. This could lead to new measures against a disorder that is plaguing the United States because of overconsumption and obesity. Healthy, tasty, and medicinal – blueberry superfoods can be the new cure! For further information on blueberries, click here

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    Laura Says:
    I know that fresh bluebrerries are extremely healthy and full of good stuff. But they are always so expensive! Are they just as effective in other forms (like frozen blueberries or blueberry pie)?