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3 Myths about Homeopathy

A medical practice that is over two hundred years old, homeopathy is an effective whole medical system. Despite the tried and true practices, homeopathic medicine is often dismissed by medical professional and big pharmaceutical companies as ineffective. Since medicine is big business, homeopathy gets constantly discredited through propagated myths about it. Here are some common myths about homeopathic medicine.

Homeopathy Is Unscientific

1) Homeopathy is Not a Cure
False: Homeopathy is a cure for your body’s healing mechanisms. Homeopathy uses minute like substances to start the body’s own healing process. Instead of focusing on short-term gains, homeopathic medicine is measured through long-term gains. In essence, homeopathy cures your body from being susceptible to particular illness and disease.

2) Homeopathic Medicines Are Only Made Through Dilution
False: Dilution is only one part of the process. Succussion, the process of rapid shacking of the substance, is what increases the potency. Today this mechanized through various machines and is what leaves the substances imprint on the water and alcohol medium used to make the medicines. At health food stores you can find homeopathic medicines at 30c potency whereas at a local pharmacy you can find potencies of 200c.

3) Homeopathy Is Unscientific

False: Homeopathic medicines undergo their own trials. Control groups referred to as “Provers” are tested with various substances from metals, and gases to plants. They must be symptom free when they start and all their symptoms and experiences during the trial period are recorded. Common symptoms across “Provers” are added as the symptoms for the remedy.

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