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Essential Oils and Herbs That Rid The Winter Blues and Welcome Spring

It has been scientifically proven that our bodies go into a kind of lowered state of depression during the cold winter months. The reasons are a bit more complicated, but there are some herbs and essential oil treatments you can adopt to pick up your spirits, be rid of the winter blues and get ready for the joy of spring.


The use of aromatherapy essential oils and herbs for the senses can involve herbal teas. If you are using stems, leaves and flowers, boil the water in a ceramic or glass pan first, then add your herbs and cover. Steep for about ten minutes, strain and drink the liquid. For bark, seeds and roots, grind with a mortar and pestle, add to the water and continue to a rolling boil for about ten to fifteen minutes, with the cover ajar. Then steep for an additional five to ten minutes, strain and drink the liquid.

Hydrotherapy has been used throughout the centuries to relax and uplift the spirits. Warm, comfortable water in a bath with the addition of herbs and minerals like sea salts. Another popular method is to hang an herb filled tea bag under the spigot as the bath is filling. This allows the essential properties of the herbs to be released. Setting the time aside to relax your mind, body and soul can be enhanced with low lighting, a candle and the addition of soothing music or sounds.

If you want to create your own ointment, you can use the same instructions as above for herbal tea. Place the liquid, along with double that amount of almond or vegetable oil into a double boiler. Simmer and allow all of the water to evaporate and add beeswax to create a thick consistency. Heat and stir slowly until everything is completely melted and fused. Pour the mixture into a jar with a lid, adding a drop of tincture of benzoin per ounce of fat that can be used for preservative purposes.

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