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Ayurveda Treatment – Potential Breakthrough in Phytotherapy

Ayurveda Treatment

  • Ayurveda remedies use phytotherapy together with specific exercises and lifestyle changes, as well as changes in your diet
  • Ayurveda treatment uses natural methods to heal instead of chemicals and drugs
  • Ayurveda remedies have been used for thousands of years

Ayurveda treatment may offer a potential breakthrough in phytotherapy, the healing method that uses plants and natural ingredients instead of drugs and other methods that can be harmful or have uncomfortable side effects. The practice of Ayurveda has been around for more than five thousand years, and is still commonly practiced in many countries, including India where this healing method originated. Ayurveda remedies are available for almost any medical condition or illness, and they are just as effective as many modern treatments but use natural herbs and plants which have been around for centuries. Herbs, flowers and extracts, seaweed, and essential oils are all an important part of phytotherapy and ayurveda healing remedies. Massage also plays a big part in both of these natural practices, and can be very beneficial for both your physical and mental well being. Oils and plant extracts can be massaged into your body, herbs can be included in warm teas that you drink, and steams with beneficial oils and scents can help you center yourself and find balance while relaxing and stimulating your healing properties and immune system.

Many plants can be helpful in a variety of ways. Fennel or cardamom seeds can be very helpful ayurveda remedies for your digestion. Fenugreek can help you lower your cholesterol levels and the amount of fat you have in your blood. All you have to do is soak this herb overnight and then chew on it in the morning before you eat or drink anything. Two other herbs that can be very beneficial to your heart and cardiovascular system are terminalia arjuna and jaharmorha. Another ayurveda treatment for your heart and cardiovascular system is to add garlic, either crushed or juiced, to a glass of buttermilk. Drink this remedy two times a day, and you will stay healthier and in better shape.

Ginger is another herb that is commonly used in ayurveda remedies. Ginger naturally helps your body fight off bacterial and viral infections. When you combine ginger and garlic, you have an ayurveda treatment that will fight almost any cold or infection off. Ginger can help with an upset stomach when sipped in a tea, and this remedy will also help prevent nausea and vomiting. A warm body rub with ginger extract or oil can help warm your tissues and delight your senses, relaxing and soothing you while helping you heal as well. Ginger also helps with depression.

Flame of the forest, also called Butea Monosperma or the Butea gum tree, is another natural plant that is used for treatment in ayurveda. This tree has a bark that contains a resin that is reddish in color called butea gum. This gum is used in ayurveda remedies for dysentary, diarrhea, vomiting, and other digestive and intestinal problems. Boswellia Serrata is another plant that has been used for centuries in this healing philosophy. This natural remedy has numerous anti-inflammatory properties, and can help fight cancer and other medical conditions which can adversely affect your health. This herb improves the blood flow to your joints and other tissues, making it a very effective treatment for arthritis and other joint diseases. Components of this herbal treatment can also prevent inflammation in your colon which can cause intestinal disorders like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

No matter what your illness or disease is, ayurveda has natural methods and treatments that can help you get and stay healthy without using drugs or other harsh treatments and chemicals. This healing method may be able to show just how effective phytotherapy can be now that it is being examined closely, and it may be a breakthrough to a whole new way of healing in the future, just as it was in the past. These remedies and healing methods have worked for thousands of years, and continue to be effective today.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

3 Responses to “Ayurveda Treatment – Potential Breakthrough in Phytotherapy”

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    CRV Ganesh Says:
    Take couple of cloves of garlic (ulli poondu), cut into small pieces, smash the pieces and put them into a glass of butter-milk. Let it soak overnight. Next day morning, remove the smashed garlic pieces and drink the buttermilk. Continue doing may reduce your triglyceride levels.
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    RAMESH V.N. Says:
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    Tara Says:
    This is the first time I have ever heard of this treatment. When I looked into it I found a place close by that practices it. I'm going to try it out next week and I'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks for the information.