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Acerola Berry Extract: Fights Skin Discoloration

Acerola Berry Extract

  • Acerola berry extract comes from trees or shrubs found in parts of North and South America
  • The extra contains 32 times as much Vitamin C as orange juice
  • Acerola berry extra may help reduce blood sugar and treat skin discoloration

The Acerola berry (sometimes also called the Acerola cherry) has been one of the nature’s best kept secrets for decades. Now Acerola berry extract’s benefits are becoming more widely known as consumers see their benefit in helping reduce blood sugar levels, improving the effectiveness of their immune system, and preventing skin discoloration. Here’s a little background on the wonders of this unique berry.

Origins of Acerola Berry Extract

The extract comes from juicy bright red fruits that grow on small trees or shrubs known as Acerola. These can be found naturally throughout the lower part of North America, including Texas and Mexico, and through parts of South America and the Caribbean. The fruit itself is said to have a unique blend of sweet and sour tastes much like other citrus fruits, such as the grapefruit and the orange.

High in Vitamin C

As most of us know, citrus fruits are an excellent source of Vitamin C. And Acerola fruits are no exception. In fact, they have very high levels of Vitamin C. One study showed that these berries have 32 times as much of the vitamin as do oranges. At one point, the juice of the berry was being added to apple juice to fortify the juice with Vitamin C as an alternative for young children who might not be able to tolerate the high acid content of orange juice.

Of course, most of us know that Vitamin C is not a wonder cure for colds as was once believed, but it is essential in keeping our immune system strong and healthy.

Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

For diabetics, high blood sugar levels can be very dangerous so anything that can bring them down into a normal range is a good supplement to a diet. Acerola berry extract can help do that. Some of the studies on the polyphenols contained in the fruit have shown marked reductions in blood sugar levels. Although more tests are needed, these early studies show the berry may have a lot of potential to deal with one of the more serious chronic disorders.

Skin Discoloration

Some of the newest cosmetics on the market now or soon heading to market are also incorporating Acerola berry extract. These products are skin whiteners or bleach products. While they started in Japan where women desire white skin because it’s symbolic of being from a higher class, these products can also be used to treat skin conditions elsewhere, including melasma. The high amount of Vitamin C in the extract inhibits the tyrosinase which is needed for the production of melanin. Without sufficient melanin, the skin is going to get lighter.

Other Health Benefits of Acerola Berry Extract

Many other exciting health possibilities have been discovered in preliminary studies, as well. For one, the berry contains chemicals that help keep the acidity levels in the body normal which is going to aid in digestion. Because the berries also contain a high level of antioxidants, they may be effective at battling free radicals. Plus, when combined with soy products they might even be able to help lower cholesterol.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Susan Says:
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    Anand Says:
    Hello , Please can anyone tell me i want acerolla plant in india, please tell me where i can get it here. Thank you, Anand
  3. 3
    Brian Says:
    These berries rock! Not only do they cure all sorts of healthy things from skin care all the way to blood sugar levels, but really, they do a lot more for your body!
  4. 4
    May Says:
    I really think that the Acai Berries are certainly some of the healthiest things in the world, they not only help everything listed in this article, but they are certainly a miracle in and of themselves!
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    Janet Says:
    I think I'm getting this mixed up with this Acai berry thing I've been hearing so much about lately. I'm guessing these two aren't the same, right?
  6. 6
    Robin Says:
    Is the acerola berry very abrasive? I'm generally leery of skin whiteners and bleachers for that reason, what are the safety facts associated with acerola berry extracts?
  7. 7
    Harris Says:
    I think that everyone should know a little bit about Acerola berry extract, because it is such a fantastic product, everyone should educate themselves on it. Think about what Acerola berry extract does for us, really!
  8. 8
    Melanie Says:
    So, since the acerola berry can help with indigestion, is it actually edible? Or are you supposed to stick to extracts?
  9. 9
    Gil Says:
    Acerola berry extract is definitely something that I had no idea about. Now, I am going to be researching this extract to see if any makeup or cosmetics that I use have Acerola berry extract in it!
  10. 10
    Cassie Says:
    I can not believe that these berries can help with so many different things! Everything from skin color all the way to decreasing blood sugar levels!
  11. 11
    Sandra Says:
    I really had no idea that Vitamin C could be jam-packed into a berry like this and could really help with all of those things! I am definitely going to do some more research on these berries.
  12. 12
    Tori Says:
    I love to see a natural product getting so much attention. It is great and I thank you for that! I will definitely be using this information!
  13. 13
    John Says:
    If one of the key ingredients here is vitamin C, then could other products contain extracts high in vitamin C be helpful as well? Such as products with lemon, orange, and things of that nature?
  14. 14
    Ilene Says:
    This is great news for me. I don't know what the deal is with my skin, but I often get patches of discoloration. Can this work for veins that show as well?
  15. 15
    Steve Says:
    I'm digging on that skin discoloration thing. It's great to know that there are natural things out there that can help you, so you don't have to rely on dermatological methods.
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    Wilder Says:
    I had no idea that Acerola berry extract can really help with your skin! They have all of these health benefits and I really think that everyone should give them a try!