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Acne Rosacea Treatment

Acne Rosacea Treatment

  • Acne breakouts – something we all experience because acne and hormones are directly related and, of course, we all have hormones
  • Thankfully, many acne skin care products are available to help us deal with this most common and most troublesome skin care issue

We all know that first impressions are important, and our facial appearance is a key part of that initial impression we give others. Unfortunately, skin problems such as rosacea can interfere with our confidence about how we look to others. The good news is that treatment for rosacea is available and can help patients improve not only their appearance but also their confidence. Below is some important information on this condition and some available treatment options.

What is Rosacea?

Simply put, rosacea is a skin disease. According to the Mayo Clinic, when skin becomes inflamed the face can become red and pustules (small, pus-filled, red bumps) may also crop up. Because of the appearance of these pustules, rosacea is sometimes referred to as acne rosacea, but the condition is in no way connected with the breakouts that are most common during adolescence. Rosacea is more common in adults.

Most cases of rosacea affect fair skinned individuals over the age of 30. About 14 million people in the United States have rosacea currently. Unfortunately, many of these people think their skin condition has gone away after a while, only to have it reappear. This is because the disease is cyclic. It will keep returning if it is left untreated. Thankfully, several treatment options are available.

First Round of Acne Rosacea Treatment

The American Academy of Dermatology explains that anyone suspecting they have rosacea should see a specialist as soon as possible so that a treatment plan can be created. Although many patients rely on over-the-counter products to improve the condition, these can actually do more damage.

A dermatologist, on the other hand, is likely to create a multi-prong plan for treating the problem. Topical antibiotics and other products may be prescribed for daily use. These are sometimes used separately or along with oral antibiotics. The latter normally provides faster results.

While you are waiting for treatments to begin taking effect, you might try using to reduce the appearance of the redness. Green-tinted cosmetics can do wonders. Your dermatologist may be able to recommend brands or specific products that can be used and that will not further aggravate the condition.

Second Round of Acne Rosacea Treatment

If the combination of treatments discussed above does not produce significant improvement in about two months, a dermatologist may recommend a more aggressive treatment. According to the Patient’s Guide to Rosacea, laser treatments can be used on the spider veins in the face. This form of treatment can reduce redness, although multiple treatments are sometimes needed. Unfortunately, many patients cannot afford this type of treatment. Depending on the laser used, costs generally run from $300 to $2,500. Most insurance plans will not cover laser treatment because it is not considered medically necessary.

Laser treatment is often mildly uncomfortable at most; however, swelling will occur and can last up to four days. Some discoloration and bruising may also occur and will usually disappear by the seventh day after treatment.

Although there is no permanent cure for rosacea, treatments for the disease are very effective at relieving the symptoms, so you won’t have to spend any extra time worrying about your appearance.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Heather Says:
    I had really severe rosacea in my twenties and the only choice I had was laser treatments. It imporved my condition tremendously to the point that I was able to start using regular rosacea medicine to control it.