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7 Methods to Prevent Gallbladder Inflammation

  • There are many home remedies that will provide relief from the pain involved in a blocked bile duct, such as hot packs, warm-water enemas and even exercise
  • Gallbladder inflammation symptoms can cause a lot of pain. Symptoms can be treated naturally or if persistent, medically. There are methods that can be followed in order to prevent symptoms of gallstones
  • Gallbladder polyps can cause gallbladder inflammation and require attention that can be administered naturally and in the home to help relieve pain or discomfort
  • Successful methods to prevent gallbladder inflammation are listed below for review and application to relieve the sometimes painful symptoms

1. Hot pack application

Gall bladder polyps can cause pain and by placing hot packs on affected areas the pain can be relieved. The pain and tenderness caused by gallbladder inflammation can be lessened if the hot packs are directly applied to the mid- back region as well as the upper abdominal region. Also, by keeping the affected area warm, circulation is promoted and symptoms of gallstones may be weakened. Hot pack application can reduce the rate of a full blown gallstone attack.

2. Warm-water enemas

Warm-water enemas administered at body temperature can help to remove fecal material that can cause a blocked bile duct. Gallbladder inflammation occurs when there is a blockage and flow is inhibited.

3. Physical exercise

Symptoms of gallstones can be reduced when a person patterns a lifestyle of physical exercise. Constipation is reduced with exercise and gallbladder polyps are less likely to occur. Also, when a person incorporates exercise in their daily routine, they are less likely to eat fatty and high sugar foods which help to prevent gallbladder inflammation.

4. Consume natural daily

Natural olive oil that is raw and unrefined has effective in the natural remedies of gallstone removal. Approximately 30 ml of olive oil should be taken upon waking in the morning. You may choose to immediately follow the olive oil with about 100 ml of lemon juice or grapefruit juice. This morning cocktail should be taken every morning for weeks if necessary to eliminate and relieve any symptoms of gallstones. The oil can also lessen the likelihood of a blocked bile duct.

5. Eat a diet rich in fruits and

By consuming more fruits and vegetables daily, gallbladder inflammation can be greatly reduced. Avoiding fried foods and incorporating such vegetables as cucumbers, beets, tomatoes and shallots is beneficial to your system. Grapes, pears and apples are great sources of fruits that you should eat daily.

6. Avoid fried foods

Fried foods should be avoided if you wish to prevent gallbladder inflammation. Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is crucial in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Fried and fatty foods are hard for your body to breakdown and can cause a blocked bile duct.

7. Eliminate excessive alcohol use

By eliminating excessive alcohol use you can greatly reduce gallbladder inflammation. Living a healthy lifestyle free from fatty foods and alcohol does nothing but promote health in your body. Alcohol is hard on your liver and when the liver works improperly a blocked bile duct or even gallbladder stones may occur.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.