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4 Ways to Consume Cayenne Pepper

Just as there are numerous uses for cayenne pepper whether it is for skin care, cardiovascular health, digestion or pain relief, there are numerous ways to consume cayenne pepper to get the best utility out of it for your health or condition. Below are four of the most popular ways to consume, or apply, cayenne pepper which have been used for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

1.Condiment on Your Food

The obvious number one way to consume cayenne pepper is on your food. It is a great way to spice up your meal while getting all the additional health benefits. By eating cayenne pepper you increase your metabolism which in weight loss, regulate your blood pressure and improve your circulation. It can be added to meat, vegetables or any sauce to add some extra spice. Cayenne pepper acts as a vasodilator by opening up your blood vessels and increasing your body’s temperature. Spice up your food and your health!


Another popular way in consume cayenne pepper is by making a tea with the spice. Boil some water, add a little lemon with the cayenne pepper and you have a delicious tea. Drinking the tea will strengthen your heart, treat stomach ulcers and give you a natural boost of energy. It’s a great tea to drink in the morning. It will open your sinuses and get your metabolism moving. It is important to drink the tea with breakfast so you have something in your stomach to help absorb the spice.

3.Topical Cream

Mixing cayenne pepper with some body lotion makes a potent pain relief cream. Just massage the cream anywhere you feel pain and you will feel instant relief. It can relieve headaches, joint pain, and post surgical pain by desensitizing the nerve endings and depleting your body of substance P. It also is great for skin care by improving blood flow to your skin giving your skin a healthier glow and gets rid of blemishes.


If spicy foods and teas are not up your alley, you can always get the health benefits of cayenne pepper by taking it in pills form. Many companies make cayenne pepper supplements that you can buy from your local health food store. Taking cayenne pepper in pill form is a great natural weight loss supplement. Look for pills that contain around 500mg of cayenne pepper.
No matter how you take your cayenne pepper, you get the wonderful health benefits. Topical applications are the best for acute pain while tea, food and pills all help improve your overall health. The best part of cayenne pepper is that it is all natural and there are never any negative side effects like you get from various other chemicals that we ingest every day. Cayenne pepper should be part of everyone’s diet to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

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The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.