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4 Reasons Why Eggs Are Excellent

Although health-conscious people are often wary of eggs due to their abundance of cholesterol, numerous studies have shown that a sensible diet of eggs can enrich the human body in many ways. Not only are eggs high in protein, but they also increase heart health and even strengthen hair. Here are a few under-the-radar reasons why eggs should be implemented in any healthy diet.


1. Eggs can make you thinner. A from last year concluded that consuming large amounts of protein early in the day prevents feelings of hunger during later hours. Since eggs are a go-to breakfast food that is rich in protein, eating eggs early may help avoid late-night cravings.

2. Eggs are great for pregnant women. Unborn babies require a B vitamin called choline, which aids in brain development, and it just so happens that eggs are full of choline. Choline has been shown to reduce the risk of Down syndrome, dementia, and other mental disorders, making it especially important for developing children and babies.

3. Eggs may reduce the chance of cancer and heart disease. A study conducted in 2011 indicated that the antioxidants found in eggs lower cancer and heart disease risks. Cooked eggs are just as rich in antioxidants as apples.

4. Eggs likely improve reflexes. Another recent study showed that quick reflexes become even quicker thanks to an amino acid called tyrosine, which is available in rich doses when consuming, you guessed it, eggs. The researchers behind that study even concluded that tyrosine may help to make split-second decisions behind the wheel of a car, yet another factor making eggs an excellent choice in any diet.

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