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3 More Myths about Homeopathy

4) Homeopathic Practitioners are Inadequately Trained
False: Actually they are highly trained. They graduate four year training at accredited colleges and study topics such as Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. Most professionals have been studying for more than a decade and are highly trained. Homeopathy is a serious practice and attracts serious professionals.

3 More Myths about Homeopathy

5) Homeopathy and Modern Medicine Do Not Mix
False: Homeopathy definitely complements medicine. Take chemotherapy, homeopathic medicines actually reduce harmful side effects and work in conjunction with modern medicine to treat cancer patients. Many doctors specialize in homeopathy to complement their medical practice. The courses are much shorter for doctors and it gives them a more complete approach to their medical practice. Just as modern medicine has value, so does Homeopathy and other forms of alternative medicine.

6) Homeopathy is the Placebo Effect
False: Since there is no placebo, there is no placebo effect! Homeopathic medicine has been successful treating babies and animals, not just adults. Farmers for years have used homeopathy to treat cows suffering from mastitis. If it works on subjects that cannot psych themselves out with the placebo effect than the results are legitimate.

Homeopathy gets a bad rap due to many false myths about its efficacy. Homeopathy has been effective for over two hundred years and should therefore be viewed with some standing. At least do your own research and decide for yourself. Who knows, maybe the best treatment for your condition is through homeopathic medicine!

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.