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15 Powerful Itchy Rash Remedies

If you’ve got an itchy rash somewhere on your body (or worse, a full body rash!) then it is sure to cause some discomfort. Usually the problem starts as dry flaky skin, and then it starts peeling and becomes inflamed and swollen. If it isn’t treated in time, then this could lead to more dreadful problems like psoriasis or dermatitis. But don’t worry! There are plenty of home remedies for itchy rash that can be found right in your kitchen. Here are some effective itchy rash remedies:

1 – Olive oil. Apply it to the rash with a motion that’s circular and slow. It is said to help eliminate full body rashes.
2 – Emu oil. This one is said to be effective for burns, cuts, and of course, rashes. Emu oil has transdermal properties which penetrate the skin, and this, in turn, helps soothe the rash.
3 – Baking soda. Apply a thin layer to the affected area. You can also mix it with water, make a paste, and apply the paste.
4 – Oatmeal scrub. This one is known as one of the best home remedies for itchy rash. Just rub the oatmeal onto the skin gently. You can use a cotton sock to rub it on, which will help soothe and cleanse your skin.
5 – Oatmeal bath. If you suffer from a full body rash, then take a lukewarm bath with 2 cups of oatmeal mixed in it.
6 – Peppermint bath. It is said to be one of the highly beneficial itchy rash remedies.
7 – Aromatherapy. You can use a variety of drops, such as geranium or fennel. You can also apply 2 ounces of sandalwood in an oil carrier to relieve the rash.
8 – Aloe Vera. This is also said to be one of the most effective home remedies for itchy rash, as well as redness
9 – Vitamin E – a good one too.
10 – A mixture of Aloe Vera, cod liver oil,lemon juice, and vitamin E. Apply this onto the affected area, as it makes a good remedy for itching.
11 – Vicks Vapor Rub. This one is said to provide very fast relief, and is thus one of the best remedies.
12 – Honey and cinnamon. Mix these in equal amounts to make a fine paste. Apply it to the affected area, as it is a great itchy rash remedy.
13 – Vinegar bath. If a full- is the problem then take a warm bath with a one cup of vinegar in it. Stay in the bath for 5-10 minutes, and it should provide relief.
14 – Lime juice and coconut. Make a light paste from these two and apply to the affected area.
15 – Things to avoid if you suffer from rashes: salt in your diet, excessively hot water when showering, and exposure to sunlight.

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