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Top 5 Unexpected Skin Care Products to Combat Armpit Sweat

Armpit Sweat

  • Excessive armpit sweating is known as axillary hyperhidrosis – it’s a common condition that affects a large number of people
  • Over-the-counter products, such as antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride and pore blockers, can help keep underarm sweat to a minimum
  • Some home remedies can also be effective at treating the condition
  • Sometimes Botox injections can be used to temporarily stop sweat production in the area

Sweating is a natural phenomenon. It’s your body’s way of keeping you cool. When the sweat is on your skin, it evaporates in the heat and lowers your body temperature. However, armpit sweat can sometimes become excessive. This is a condition called axillary hyperhidrosis. While excessive underarm sweat may be embarrassing, it’s also more common than you think. Below are a few products and for treating this condition without surgery.

1. Aluminum Chloride

One of the most effective treatments against armpit sweat is a chemical compound known as aluminum chloride. In the past, this mixture usually had to be prepared by a pharmacist for you but today you can find varying concentrations of it in very strong antiperspirants. Make sure to check the label and follow the instructions carefully. The aluminum chloride is more effective at keeping the underarm area dry than the average chemicals found in these products.

2. Pore Blockers

Another type of product designed to help with excessive underarm sweat are products designed to literally block the pores so the sweat does not come out. One of the most commonly sold is a product called Clean Dri. Again, you’ll need to follow the instructions for how to use the product very carefully to make sure you are using it properly. Also, avoid using pore blocking products when you need to be sweating, such as on hot days or while working out, because you could end up getting overheated easily.

3. Malt Vinegar

While not your ordinary skin care product, malt vinegar is one of the natural remedies many people swear has helped them to overcome their problems with hyperhidrosis. To use this approach, you want to apply the malt vinegar at night, usually after showering. In the next morning, you need to wash off the product from under your arms and make sure to dry them well. The vinegar’s ingredients act as natural agent to dry up some of the excessive sweat and to prevent the overproduction of sweat the next day.

4. Lime Juice

Another interesting home product for treating this problem is lime juice, particularly the juice of the smaller key limes. Take a single key lime and divide it in half. Then literally rub each half in your arm pit. Discard the used key limes and let your underarms dry naturally. In fact, you might want to use this method at night before going to bed so the lime juice won’t stain your clothing. The acid in the lime juice is believed to stop the sweat production. Plus, the citrus juice will work as a natural deodorant.

5. Botox Injections

If you thought Botox was only an effective treatment against wrinkles, think again. One of the most commonly used medical treatments for excessive underarm sweat are these injections. Because they are made from jellyfish poison, the injections actually paralyze the muscles in the skin. In your face, this paralysis means the muscles will stay smooth and won’t show the wrinkles. Under your arm, the muscles and nerves won’t be working to send signals or to pump out large quantities of sweat. Because of the expense of Botox compared to the other possible treatments, try the first four first then consult a physician about Botox treatments and other medical options.

The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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    Josie Says:
    While admittedly the idea of using malt vinegar and lemon juice was received by my husband with a really odd look, he tried it because his clincal strength anti-persperant was not cutting it. It worked and worked well and he keeps a bottle of both in the bathroom to use every night. I'm never sure if I'm going to bed with a lemon grove or salad. Thanks!