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Trader Joe’s (Sarasota)

Sarasota natives and tourists alike can now enjoy America’s favorite specialty grocery store. Trader Joe’s offers a variety of fresh produce and health-food products, all of which boast preservative-free ingredients. Classic favorites include cookie butter, a delicious cookie-flavored spread; Salsa Autentica, made without preservatives or artificial ingredients and packed with fresh tomatoes; and lemon and ginger snap ice cream. Unlike many grocery stores, even specialty grocery stores, Trader Joe’s offers many ethnic options under one roof, ranging from frozen delicacies such as tamales and spanakopita, “heat-and-eat” falafels, and fresh bok choy and broccolini. With plenty of gluten-free options and meat alternatives like tofu and tempeh, Trader Joe’s offers a healthy variety of groceries for all kinds of shoppers.

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